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Trader Joe’s Seasonal Review

Review on Trader Joe’s holiday snacks

Well known for its original items and fun quirky themes, Trader Joe’s is a world renowned supermarket. Every winter, Trader Joe’s releases various seasonal items like Cookie Tins, Gingerbread Cake, and Candied Pecans. Here are some of their 2021 holiday items!


Peppermint Brownies: Mint To Be

Taking a special twist on its famous “Brookies,” Trader Joe’s has released holiday peppermint brownies. These rich, fudgy brownies have put on their winter coats and added notes of peppermint, white chocolate chips, and for an extra layer of wintery goodness, there is a rich drizzle of snowy white chocolate. You can find these in the baked goods aisle of Trader Joe’s for just $3.99!


Hot Cocoa Ornaments

Imagine yourself hanging up ornaments on a wintery night. You reach into the bin of ornaments and notice in particular. This ornament looks different from the others… shinier, brighter, tastier? Why of course! It’s Trader Joes’ Hot Cocoa Ornaments! These limited edition delectables feature four edible ornaments. Once placed in warm milk, the ornaments dissolve and reveal hot cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and marshmallows! For just $6.99 these edible delights could be yours!


Cookie Mug Hangers

These Cookie Mug Hangers bring on a different take in the cookie industry. Shaped like a gingerbread man, these cute little cookies can be hung on the side of your steaming hot cocoa or any holiday drink! These sweet and crunchy cinnamon spiced cookies will be the perfect addition to your holiday beverage. Go to your local Trader Joe’s and by yourself a cookie mug hanger for just $2.69! 


Candy Cane Joe Joe’s

Some may say they are an Oreo knockoff, but I think not. These Candy Cane Joe Joe’s are a spectacular take on the classic Joe Joe’s ‘n Cream. They consist of your basic cookie with chocolate biscuit sandwiching a cream layer in between, but with a twist. Hidden between these Joe Joe’s are scrumptious candy cane bits. These ever so sweet and minty bits are sure to satisfy your mouth and complete that holiday taste! 


Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies

Put this image into your mind. Holiday season is approaching and the snow begins to fall. You are all giddied up with excitement for what treats this holiday season will bring. Itn walks your dad straight from Trader Joe’s. His paper bags are filled to the brim with holiday treats. You begin unloading the bags and out emerges…Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies! You are so excited that you open the box right away. In the box awaits two chewy moist gingerbread cookies with vanilla frosting, ever so slightly nudged between them. The softness of the cookies is overwhelming and you are sure to buy them again!

Warm hot chocolate | Graphic by Wikipedia (Wikipedia)

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