What do you do at LM related to the arts?  I am in the Orchestra, The Jazz Band, The Jazz Combo, Ace the Ram Records, and the Drum Line.

What is the best thing about being involved with music? The best thing about being involved in music is the people you meet and interact with. This is especially true when they are better at their instruments than you because you can learn a lot from them.

Do you plan on continuing to play/sing in college/the future? I plan to continue with music forever, potentially majoring in Jazz Composition or Music Education for my undergraduate degree.

What is your favorite memory related to the arts/music? My favorite memory involving music is touring Italy with the LM Jazz Combo/LM Jazz Band. It was an amazing trip with amazing people.

Do you participate in any outside of school music or arts related activities? If so, what? Yes, I am with Settlement Music School for Jazz, I take private lessons outside of Settlement, and I lead two music groups: one rock, one jazz. I also spend a good chunk of time with composition, arrangement, and orchestration for jazz, rock, pop, and classical music, as well as recording, engineering, and producing my own and other’s music.

How have music/the arts impacted your life outside of the music classroom? Music has been an awesome way for me to meet people and find groups that I really enjoy being a part of. Personally, I have met most of my friends through music and friends of musicians, which has worked out great for me so far!

If you were trapped on a desert island and could only bring five things, what would you bring? 1. Water, 2. Trader Joe’s, 3. A Piano, 4. Sibelius, 5. A bunch of money so I can buy things at Trader Joe’s.