After a frustrating start to the season, and a strong finish to end the season, the boys’ lacrosse team is hungry for future success. In March, the boys walked into practice with commitment and enthusiasm. Now that the season is over, the boys are reflecting on their performances and preparing for next year. With a new coach, Roland D’Ortone, there was a transition period for the players to learn his coaching style. However, many of the boys had the advantage of looking at the game of lacrosse with a new perspective and new ideas brought to the field.

       Although the boys finished with a record of 3-15 this season, the team leaders made sure to keep a positive mindset for the future of the team. The captains, Avi Warren ’17, Jordan Lancaster ’17, and Everhett Grimes ’17, helped to bring high hopes and spirit to the team for the future. They also made sure to continue to work hard as a team and improve for the next season. New key contributors to the team, like Nate Lepat ’20 and Quinn Black ’20, have shown immense skill this season. The fact that these freshmen players made the starting lineup is a feat few current LM players have ever accomplished. Not only did the captains encourage the team, but dynamic players such as Kyle Salutric ’17, Brendan Leonard ’17, and Quinn Scanlon ’17, always play their hardest with full focus and dedication, setting an example for their younger teammates.

       A critical player on the team this season was James Wackerman ’18 who approached every practice and every game with a positive attitude. His goal was to emphasize his commitment to lacrosse. A highlight that Wackerman recalls was “going into double overtime against Harriton.” Wackerman explains, “even though we ended up losing, it was still a good game.” Wackerman and his teammates value the game and focus not only on winning, but also value efficient play as a team.

      Even though this season did not play out how most of the players wanted, the underclassmen on the boys’ lacrosse team will continue to work hard in the offseason. The new coach had emphasized the importance of individually working on weaknesses so that all players can come together and dominate. During the fall and winter, the boys plan to devote their time to improve their skills and building a stronger and better team.

      Reflecting on this past season, many of the boys’ lacrosse players are stressing the importance of fan support. LM students play a huge part in hyping up the sports teams. Student support at home lacrosse games will fuel the team’s performance. Lacrosse games are also a great way to spend time with your friends, support your school team, and learn about a game that you may have never participated in before. 

      The LM boys’ lacrosse team has a bright future ahead of them. Although a large group of seniors are leaving the team behind, incoming freshmen and current underclassmen will take over and provide the team with the support needed to achieve more victories. The team has nowhere to go but up.