The dark stage lightens with impressive, green lights as the red curtains part. My first broadway show, Finding Neverland, was a life changing experience. If a Broadway show gains enough  popularity, it can be sent on tour for people across the country to see. The tour provides an opportunity for people to view shows without having to travel to New York City. Beginning this year, the 2017-18 season of Broadway in Philadelphia will include twelve productions that have won a combined total of 31 Tony Awards.

This upcoming season will include various shows that are fun for and inclusive of all ages. The first show to be featured will be the aformentioned Finding Neverland, a show about the origins of the story Peter Pan. This show explores serious issues, such as death, but has lighthearted aspects, too. Next, School of Rock will tour in Philly. This musical tells the story of a forgotten rock singer who pretends to be a substitute teacher in a prep school, who starts a band with his students, and prepares them for the Battle of the Bands contest. After School of Rock, the iconic The Sound of Music is in town! The Sound of Music is an exciting story about a family before and during World War II. Another well-acclaimed musical coming to Philly is Disney’s Aladdin, a family-friendly classic. Lastly, Stomp! is a show put on by an amazing percussion group that is less like a play and more like a concert. It utilizes percussion, movement, and
comedy to make a really unique production.

There are also a few musicals coming to Philadelphia that are slightly more mature. The musical Waitress deals with
domestic abuse and an unexpected pregnancy, but it still provides a good laugh and an unexpected romance between the main character and an unexpected love interest. The following show, Something Rotten, takes place during the Renaissance era and features William Shakespeare. The musical focuses on the Bottom Brothers, who are on their journey to create the first musical in history, amidst charming romances and alluring feuds. The next show to Philly, On Your Feet!, is an interactive show about the 26-time Grammy winning couple, the Estefans, a Cuban-American pair of musicians from the early 2000s. 

The 2017-18 season will also include shows that are more intellectual than the previously listed ones. Broadway in Philly will take a more serious route by including The Color Purple, the powerful and touching story of a young African-American woman in the South during the mid-twentieth century. The main character, Celie, attempts to protect herself and her sister from their abusive father. Kinky Boots will be touring in Philadelphia as well! Kinky Boots is about an unexpected duo that teams up to make stilettos for cross-dressing and transgender individuals and highlights the struggles of people who are simply different than those who we are normally exposed to. Then, Phantom of the Opera, a classic show that premiered in 1986, will also play. This show revolves around a beautiful woman who becomes intrigued and almost obsessed with a mysterious man. Finally, Les Misérables set during the June Rebellion in Paris in the 1820s, follows the tragic story of an ex-convict. If none of the shows mentioned seem like the right fit for you, you could always wait for Hamilton to come to Philadelphia next year!