The Main Line is a renowned hotspot for great restaurants of the highest quality, but unfortunately, this usually comes with  some hefty prices. If you are looking for delicious eats that don’t break the bank, stay tuned as we embark on our adventure. 

Our first stop takes us to El Limon, an authentic Mexican taqueria. El Limon was established in 2010 and currently has nine locations. Two of these locations are on the Main Line (Ardmore and Bryn Mawr). El Limon’s varying Mexican menu offers a very tasty selection for a very reasonable price. Some of the customer favorites are the quesadillas which come with a choice of steak, cheese, or grilled chicken. An order of these cheese quesadillas costs only five dollars. This is a great deal considering the portion and the authentic taste of the food. Another favorite on the menu is the burritos, which are available with a choice of steak, grilled chicken, vegetable, or chorizo.  The burritos come in hearty portions, so you will most likely be able to take home leftovers. At eight dollars and fifty cents for the grilled chicken burrito, you will leave with both a full wallet and a full stomach. Not to mention the delicious dessert options! 

The best option for dessert is the churros–a deep fried doughy delicacy garnished with whip cream, 

ice cream and drizzled chocolate. This dish, which can be split with a friend or two, is just under six dollars. As you walk out of El Limon, you are destined to feel satisfied.

Our next stop brings us to Snap Custom Pizza, which also has two Main Line locations (Ardmore and Bryn Mawr). Snap is not your traditional pizzeria. They use a conveyor belt style, with customers going down the row ordering. This, in combination with their variety of farm fresh ingredients, distinguishes them from the rest. A customized pizza only costs eight dollars, and toppings range from bacon to roasted peppers to goat cheese. Snap’s custom pizzas come in one standard eight inch size.  The salads also come in one size and cost only nine dollars. The counter pick-up makes for a very quick meal if you are on the go, and can save you money on tips. Snap is a great option for a tasty meal with high quality ingredients at a very reasonable cost. It holds true to TripAdvisor's 4.5 stars and one dollar sign ratings.

As we conclude our journey to two of the Main Line’s more inexpensive restaurants, I hope you will try these establishments if you are interested 

in meals that will give you the most bang for your buck.