The chemistry branch of the science department has experienced drastic changes during the past year, especially regarding their big location shift to the administration building. In most recent news, juniors Michael Cheng and Robbie Zorc qualified to participate in the American Chemical Society’s National Chemistry Olympiad. This competition was held on April 21 at LaSalle University.

In March, AP Chemistry teacher Lawrence McAfoos had all of his students take the national qualifying test. This test consisted of rigorous college level multiple choice questions. Both Cheng and Zorc did exceptionally well on the exam and were able to advance to the national round where they competed against around one thousand other qualifiers. Zorc mentions, “I was certainly interested in trying to qualify since chemistry is one of my favorite subjects. I am definitely interested in studying chemistry in college, as well as other sciences, and I am considering pursuing pre-med.”

The results of this round were announced the following week. The top 20 finishes within the United States will be invited to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they will receive intensive training. Four students will then be selected from the twenty to travel to Nakhom Pathon, Thailand and attend the 49th annual International Chemistry Olympiad. Although McAfoos told his students to take the test, Cheng and Zorc saw it in the contest in a different light. For Cheng, chemistry has become a vital subject to understand, stating, “I now realize how it relates to environmental science, industry, and the world.”