Fall crew is open to experienced rowers who are all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. All 46 of them work hard, six days a week, to be able to compete and thrive in regattas. This year, two boats were selected to compete in the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston.

This was the first time that LM had been chosen to compete in this selective regatta. Since 1965, teams from all over the world compete in this prestigious event. It is a two-day rowing event with over 11,000 athletes, including national teams from China, Italy, South Africa, Germany, and Turkey. There are a total of 56 different races and LM raced in two of them. The girls’ 8+ and boys’ 8+ raced against 8+ other boats from teams based everywhere from Toronto, Canada to Portland, Oregon.

During the weekend of October 20, both the girls’ and boys’ teams went to Boston to compete. The weather was beautiful and the water was at on race day. However, that did not mean that the difficulty of the course was any less strenuous. The course on the Charles River is over three miles long with countless curves and turns, buoys, boats, bridges, and animals including ducks and geese that need to be maneuvered around. Austin Cooper ’19, a varsity eight coxswain, shared his thoughts on their race. “The boys 8+ did very well concerning the fact that we had to replace our stroke seat last minute due to an unknown illness.

Unfortunately, our stroke seat, Noel Stach ’19, got sick Thursday night. We had to put Aurimas Balciunas ’18 into the stroke seat and put our alternate Lucas Birch ’18 into six seat. This was a completely different lineup than the one we had been practicing with and I applaud the boys for their hard work. It was a three mile course in which we held a 1:45 split and 33 strokes per minutes (SPM), a very impressive combination for such a long race. My boys’ legs were melted and my throat, from yelling commands from my seat, was as well, but that just shows how hard we worked!” In the end, the boys’ finished 72 out of 85 teams, but it was an amazing e ort and everyone is very proud of the team.

Minori Cohan ’18, the girls’ varsity 8+ coxswain and captain, also shared her thoughts on the race. “The girls’ 8+ rowed a really strong, competitive race and we fulfilled our overall goals: one, to beat Radnor, and two, the more important one, row as hard as possible and not leave anything be- hind on the course. We were all a bit nervous going into the race because the course itself is very difficult. The distance is much longer than we are used to and it has sharp turns that are hard to execute. There’s a wide range of skill and experience that’s brought onto the course in all of the boats, so it was particularly challenging as a coxswain to maneuver around these different crews. Just racing at this annual regatta is a feat on its own, and LM was lucky enough this year to send two boats for the very first time in our history.” The girls finished 73 out of 84 teams, beating Radnor and rowing their very best.

LM hopes to come back and race in the Head of the Charles next year.

Until then, let’s all wish the team luck!