Graphic by Amy Xi '19.

As the colder months approach and the brisk fall breeze sweeps through the towns of Lower Merion, we all know that fall fashion has arrived. This article showcases fashion trends from the grand annual Summer Fashion Week that takes place in New York, Paris, and Milan. Here’s my ultimate guide to fall 2017 trends and how you can dress as if you’re fresh off the Calvin Klein runway. 

According to Elle magazine, red is the official color of fall. Wearing high-heeled, red boots may not be suitable for a school environment, but red-colored trench coats made out of a velvet material can always make a bold statement. 

Now, let’s travel back in time to the 70s when wearing plaid was considered fashionable. Fast forward to 2017, and all sorts of flannels and plaids are coming back into style. Flannel is a profitable material and style that continues to be a top trend every year during Fashion Week. This pattern can be dressed down for a casual, or dressed up for a fancy occasion. Also, there isn’t a better way to transition fall layers into a more warm and cozy winter season! Putting together a button-down flannel shirt with some edgy jeans is a classic go-to look this fall. Flannel shirts with a checkered pattern, plaid pants, dresses, and even some skirts also make good use of this “throwback” print. 

Mid-length skirts are also making a major comeback. These skirts go just below the knee, making them suitable for a casual day in Suburban Square or even attending a fancy cocktail event. 

Are you in need of a twist on your favorite pair of pants? Then the perfect accessory is a wide belt to spruce up your look! More chic than regular belts, wide belts are a new fall and winter trend that swept through Fashion Week this past year. Matching this with some blue, washed-out, flared-ankle jeans defines your unique sense of style. Although flowers and pretty pastels may be more common during the spring months, wintry florals in cool colors are also an anticipated trend. Nature-filled patterns in shades of green, blue, and even purple are popping up everywhere. Additionally, flowy chiffon jumpsuits that sway in the wind can make anybody look like the superstar they aspire to be. Another trend that has been seen on the runway several times before and is constantly in the media is fringe. The fabric that makes you want to shimmy your way through the day can be found on any garment. Fringe is very playful, yet it is also ideal for any formal gathering.

To close off many of the this fall’s trends, one of the most popular ones that always lasts through the cooler months are… sweaters! “Sweater weather” is on its way, and it is coming more quickly than expected. Fall looks that include any sweater material have “comfy” written all over them. Thanks to Fashion Week this past summer, we can observe how runway looks translate into clothes that present-day teenagers are wearing now. Overall, this fall is going to be a revolutionary season in the fashion industry, and it will definitely continue to grow throughout the year.