The holiday season is around the corner and with it comes one of LM’s many op- portunities to impact the community in a positive way. This time of the year is often known as a time of generosity and charity, and one way for all students to contribute is through Winterfest.

Winterfest is an old LM tradition. Dormant for several years, it was revived four years ago due to the e orts of math teacher Brian Feeney and gym teacher Tom Kline. According to Kline, Winterfest “stresses the importance of giving back to the community during the winter season.” This drive typically has two focuses: the rst is to accumulate canned and nonperishable foods for a local food shelter and the sec- ond is a monetary collection which goes to an organization that is dear to the heart of members of the LM community and often varies from year to year.

Winterfest this year began on November 27 and will end on December 21, culmi- nating in a celebration the next day on December 22 to announce the totals of the collection and to honor those who have contributed to the collection. As in preceding years, all canned food collected will go to the All Saints Baptist Church of Bryn Mawr. In the past, monetary donations have gone towards organizations such as the Ameri- can Cancer Society; this year, all contributions will go toward the Calliope Joy Foun- dation, which supports research toward curing leukodystrophy, a rare metabolic and genetic disease that a ects the brain and spinal cord. This foundation is named in honor of the sister of LM student Camille Carr ’18.

Many students are excited for the holiday spirit that comes alongside the charita- ble e orts of this event, including Nick Rhodes ’19 who is “quite eager to participate in Winterfest.” Winterfest is an excellent way for students to aid their community during the holiday season.