Caleb Shack '18 tosses a water polo ball. Photo courtesy of Caleb Shack '18/Staff.

Students paint mural representing Amensty International Club.





Hundreds of people gathered together on October 14 at Arnold Field to raise money for clubs and school spirit for LM’s first Maroon and White Day. They raised hundreds of dollars for school clubs  and Rockport Fulton High School, LM’s partner school in Texas, which was affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

Catherine McFarland ’18, the student council president who organized the event, stated, “I would consider the day a success because we accomplished our two goals of raising school spirit and fundraising for worthy causes.”

Rockport Fulton, located in Rockport, Texas, was hit by the eye of Hurricane Harvey facing the eyewall, the most dangerous part of the storm. Harvey was a Category 4 storm when it hit Rockport and brought severe destruction. Being a coastal town, Rockport was exposed to winds of 130 miles per hour.

The town faced immense damage to houses, businesses, and the school. One of the most prominent damages to the school was the collapse of the walls in the gymnasium. There was one fatality and a handful of minor injuries within the town.

Katie Berg ’18, who also helped organize Maroon and White Day, was very proud of the event’s outcome, saying, “For a first run [...] it was very successful. Everyone who came had a great time, and it will only grow from here.”

Two of LM’s sports teams, football and field hockey, took to the field. The football then team squared off against Ridley High School for their senior game.

The field hockey team faced off against Lansdale Catholic High School and dominated, coming out of the game with a 4-0 win. 

There were also a variety of booths set up surrounding the field as games were taking place, including a cotton candy stand run by the Enchiridion, LM’s yearbook; musical chairs run by the officers of the Class of 2020; face painting run by PLAYERS; and mural painting run by Amnesty International. 

Many of the fans who watched both games had positive thoughts on the day. One of the fans, senior Sean Attebery, was extremely enthusiastic, stating, “I thought everyone’s spirit seemed higher than [during the] usual games. Everyone seemed pretty happy to be there.” 

The day was considered a success from all perspectives, and Berg confirmed that this event can be expected to occur annually in the future.