Photo courtesy of The Enchidiron.

All eyes are on the ball as it flies into the air. The server hits it with force, and it zooms past the team and across the net. The opposing team at- tempts to return the ball, but they are not fast enough. With the suspenseful bounce of the ball on the court, the crowd goes wild. “In volleyball, while we’re all on the court, each player has a specific role. Each role is as vital to the team’s success as the next. You are going to make mistakes; what’s important is that you have a team that will pick you back up whenever you are down. That’s what makes our LM girls’ volleyball team greater than the sum of its parts,” says Adi David ’20.

After over two weeks of preseason, twenty games, and practice every day after school, the girls’ volleyball team could not have been prouder of their season. This year, LM girls’ volley- ball made it to districts for the first time in three years. Including senior night, varsity had a total of thirteen wins and seven losses and junior varsity had a total of eleven wins and nine losses.

Senior day was on October 13 against Conestoga in the Kobe Bryant Gymnasium. Posters were hung on the wall in support of the seniors. Senior captains Marie Hamilton and Mary Pat Quinn thought that senior day was amazing. They loved the way everyone decorated the upper atrium and enjoyed all of the “Happy Senior Day” greetings they got. They were also so grateful to see the gym deco- rated for them. “The team was ecstatic to see so many familiar faces in the stands. We would like to specifically thank Sophie Shaffer ’18, for always cheering for our matches. It is people like Sophie that we love to represent on the court,” declared Quinn. Un- fortunately, when game time came, Conestoga beat LM’s varsity team. Before, however, the JV team had crushed Conestoga.

When asked about their biggest accomplishments, the team collectively decided that getting into districts was the thing they were most proud of this season. Players on the team also said that they were glad that they beat teams they had not beaten in a while: teams they were “supposed” to lose to, but ended up beating. In getting to districts, LM girls’ volleyball made a name for themselves in the league and left behind their underdog status. Hamilton and Quinn explained that they were so happy with how the season had gone because everyone on the team could say they were friends. Quinn said that “one thing that sets volleyball apart from other sports is that we’re all friendly with each other and we never bring our teammates down.”

The girls’ volleyball team finished their season on October 17 and they could not have been prouder. Their favorite moment of the season was when they crushed West Chester Henderson, a team they were told they would lose to. They beat them in five sets and went home with smiles on their faces. The varsity Districts game was on October 24 against West Chester Henderson. They fought for all five sets, but Henderson beat them 16-14 in the last set. Despite losing their district game, it’s clear that this volleyball season was one they’ll never forget.