On May 5, or Cinco de Mayo, LM’s very own record label, Ace the Ram (ATR), hosted a music event with an important message: I Am An Artist / Soy Artista, a concert by students and for students. The event was hosted on a Friday evening, in the Blackbox Theater, and many students were in attendance. Recruiting various artists from all corners of LM and Harriton, the label succeeded in their aim to show solidarity for immigrants in America and to show appreciation for art itself. This dual-themed event featured an abundance of original music, poetry, rap, and artwork, all contrived from students in the district.

Preceding the concert was an art show displaying various work from talented student artists in LMSD. Members of the community—kids and adults alike—were able to peruse the upper atrium and appreciate the art. Brien Coghlan ’17, who spearheaded the event, added, “ATR aims to curate the artistic community at LM and Harriton.” He also described the event as an effort to “combat all of the race-related issues our world has faced in recent months and years.”

First up on the set list was the talented Davis Quintet consisting of Lonnie Davis ’19, Olivia Hughart ’19, Danny Farah ’20, Fiona Pollock ’21, and Aiden Gooneratne ’19. As Davis explains, “The environment of the event was really great. I loved being on stage with the professional lighting and having an audience that was really into the music.” The original music of Davis and his four groupmates has been featured for “New Music Mondays” on the morning announcements for the past few months; thus, it was exciting for them to finally take the stage for a live performance. Louis Knight-Surie ’18 continued the theme of the night with his original music accompanied by the piano. Ori Dulitzki ’18 rapped, Sylvia Coopersmith ’17 sang, and the list of other talented musicians goes on and on. A band of Harriton students named Red Bliss stood out among the LM-laden set list and brought some diversity to the performances. Lizzy McAlpine ’18, who has also been featured on “New Music Mondays,” serenaded the audience. There was a definite peak in energy during the eventful night when rappers Dion Lewis ’17, “Isaac on Dubs” Isaac Czarkowski ’17, and Kendaya Blackwell ’17 performed.

Many of these artists have been participating in ATR’s record label for a while, both making and producing music. In years past, the label has thrown events at local spots such as Melodies Café and The Ardmore Music Hall, but this time, the event was hosted right on campus to make a point of trying to bring members of the LM community together. These artists put on quite the show, but beyond that, they showed support for the arts and performed in solidarity with the immigrant population in our country. The ATR members and mentors worked tirelessly to bring light to these causes and also to express their creativity and talent. I Am An Artist / Soy Artista was surely a success!