Math tests, English quizzes, Spanish exams, and other stressors-we all have them. But how can we balance the stress and keep up the good grades? Studying may not be your favorite hobby, but doing it in the right place can increase productivity and make it more enjoyable. Whether it’s a desolate hallway on the third floor or the popular Suburban Square Starbucks, there are a variety of study spots in our area that are both accessible and A+ producing.  

I’ll admit, finding a peaceful study spot within LM may seem daunting at first. The cafeteria is often too loud, and the library is usually full of upperclassmen who don’t always create the promised “academic atmosphere.” There are also certain spots where eating your lunch is prohibited. Don’t sweat it; there are many places around the campus where you can get your grub on while cramming for that test. From the classrooms with the cool teachers to the hallways with no crowds, there is always somewhere for you to study and eat your PB&J sandwiches. 

The administration building is also open. There are new marble desks on the sides of the hallway which typically are not crowded.The music wing, art hall, and wooden benches throughout the school are areas where you can eat. But the problem is that often times those areas get very noisy. If you’re in desperate need of a good quiet spot, the best place to go in school by far is the Learning Center next to the library. It’s food-friendly and probably the quietest place in the entire school. There is usually a teacher there if you need something, making it the ultimate study spot during Lunch and Learn. 

If you’re the type who likes doing more of your studying outside of school, you’re in luck. The town has many good study spots ranging from libraries to cafes. The “So2Speak” homework club on 131 Montgomery Ave, Bala Cynwyd, is the perfect place to get ready for a test.

It is a quiet place to study with free wifi. You can also hire an experienced tutor for extra help if you need it. So2Speak is conveniently located across the street from a Starbucks and Domino’s to provide all the carbs and caffeine needed for a good study session.

If that’s a little too far and out of the way for you, I suggest the Starbucks in Suburban Square. Prices aside, Starbucks has plenty of tables and a good atmosphere to get work done. You should be aware that this is obviously a very trendy and popular place not only for students but for people of all ages. So if listening to music on your headphones while studying isn’t your thing, you might get a bit distracted. Obviously there are many other coffee shops you can visit, like Green Engine on 16 Haverford Station Road in Haverford. If you want the feeling of being in your own house, without nagging parents and annoying siblings, Green Engine is the perfect spot. The comfortable couches and ceramic coffee cups will make for a “good vibes only” study session.

I should also mention that the Ludington and Bala Cynwyd libraries are always a good option to get work done. No doubt, these libraries will be the far the best option for a quiet study spot. If there is anything I have learned from my freshman year at LM, it’s that my house can sometimes be a little too chaotic to study. And, of course, my Xbox seems much more appealing than my chemistry homework. Whether it’s the Learning Center during Lunch and Learn, or the Starbucks in Suburban Square, there is a perfect study spot out there waiting for you.