For four days every April, a select group of LM students travel to Seven Springs Mountain Resort (approximately four hours west of Philadelphia) to compete in the Pennsylvania Technology Student Association State Conference. There, along with 91 other high schools from all over the state, they competed in various events in order to qualify to compete at the national conference, held later in June.

The events themselves relate to the application of technology, ranging anywhere from fashion design all the way to software development. The LM TSA chapter excelled at the conference, placing in the top ten for seventeen different events.

One event that LM TSA members did particularly well in was Children’s Stories in which they had to create a children’s book of a certain topic from start to finish. One of the groups developed a story relating to neuroscience, while still making it appeal to a younger audience. Group member Katherine Wang ’19 explains what set her group’s book apart from those of other schools: “We made it so that our protagonist was an African-American girl who travelled inside the brain to explain its basic functions.” The book’s interactive nature and its advocacy for women and people of all races in STEM stood out among the other entries. That, along with senior Vanessa Roser’s artwork, granted them the first place finish.

Another group, consisting of various members including TSA officers Freddy Farah ’18 and Evan Hassman ’17, placed second in Engineering Design. For this event, participants were required to develop a solution to an assigned challenge. The solution offered must have been informed and designed through the completion of research, experimentation, and models. The LM TSA chapter members designed and constructed a functioning water filter to complete the challenge. Robbie Zorc ’18 and Andri Hail ’18 commented on the success of their project, saying, “We interviewed well in front of the panel of evaluators after qualifying for semi-finals, and we actually had a real, 3-D, working design, when some chapters didn’t even have that.” The LM chapter did exceptionally well in a slew of other events, also receiving first place in Music Production and Promotional Design and fourth place in Chapter Team.

“We have the most people moving on to Nationals than we have seen in a very long time,” remarks LM TSA officer Kelsey Stanton ’18 on LM’s success. “We had twelve groups that placed within the top five in their respective events.” Stanton hopes to continue the level of success in the coming years.