Fifth annual Winterfest brings in donations

The holiday season is around the corner and with it comes one of LM’s many op- portunities to impact the ...

Controversy looms over new Ardmore Target

Photo by Kathy Yao ’18/Sta Current parking lot at Lancaster and Ardmore Ave. intersection where Target would be built. Recently, ...

Doug Young steps down

Doug Young has served LMSD as the Director of School and Community Relations for fourteen years, but he has decided ...

Let's talk about sex

The U.S. can’t exactly boast about its health education. Only 23 states have rejected federally funded abstinence-only programs, meaning that ...

Put a ring on it

We have been taught in our health classes that premarital sex is perfectly fine... provided it’s consensual and with a ...

School Board Showdown!

On this most recent Election Day, one of many decisions constituents faced was: who would they like to represent the ...

The recruiting process

Here at LM, we have a longheld tradition of athletic excellence—*cough cough*, Kobe, *cough cough*. Because of this, many of ...

A day in the life of a LM teacher

Attending LM can be a roller coaster ride for students, with both ups and downs. What’s rarely considered, though, is ...

Making Hairspray happen

As PLAYERS prepares to open the curtains on its fall musical this Thursday evening, some might be surprised to learn ...

Crew: a-Head of the Charles

Fall crew is open to experienced rowers who are all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. All 46 of them work hard, ...


Dawgma dominates at Ramp Riot competition

Sophie Yang '20 - Dec. 18, 2017

Fifth annual Winterfest brings in donations

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Controversy looms over new Ardmore Target

Julia Rudy '19 - Dec. 18, 2017

Op Ed

Let's talk about sex

Ana Contreras '18 - Nov. 14, 2017

Put a ring on it

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Asian representation in the media

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The recruiting process

Ziwen Zhou '19 - Nov. 14, 2017

A day in the life of a LM teacher

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Cheap eats on the Main Line

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Arts & Entertainment

Making Hairspray happen

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Fashion week comes to LM

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Nobody knows in America, Puerto Rico's in America!

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Crew: a-Head of the Charles

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Faces of the Aces November 2017

Sports Editors '18 - Nov. 14, 2017

Girls' Volleyball's Continued Success

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School Spirit: Hyper or Jaded?

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