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Bryn Mawr Hospital is among the many local emergency care centers that are at high capacity. | Photo courtesy of  Aiko Palaypayon
COVID-19 continues
An informational piece of the status of COVID-19 within the LM community as well as the greater Philadelphia area. Many hospitals are being filled to capacity once again and the rise in cases is threatening the nation as the holidays near.
Luke Shepard ’24, Writer
The CREI uses the “Diversifying Your Club Toolkit” to help clubs identify their current tier and take the necessary steps to foster diversity.
The council for change
The Council for Racial Equity and Inclusivity (CREI), a new club at LM, works towards racial diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the community. This recently founded club has many groups like Arts, Music, STEM, Humanities, Student Voices, School Culture, and Sports in which students can contribute in greater equality.
Katie Fang '23, Website Editor
235 LM students answered an anonymous poll about their learning preferences during the hybrid schedule.
Zoom or masks?
Virtual vs Hybrid - which do students prefer after going back and forth from Hybrid to Virtual? How does this impact students' learning?
Maggie Monahan ’21, Writer