We all count

Poem about fall 2020.


The days of thanking,

The days of dread,

The days of thinking,

Of the days ahead.


For what comes after

Commotion sets in,

It doesn’t matter if


You’ve begun

To think of all the decisions

to come,

To hope that it will all be



Sort of difference

For better or worse

A glistening light

Or a dark curse.


While I am left,

I try and be unbiased,

I don’t want to start a war,

I don’t think of myself as

the highest.


I have my opinions

And you do too,

But I see people for their


And not always for their views.


Just know that it matters

All the facts,

Know your side,

And don’t look back.


Look to a future

With no COVID or pain,

Look to a future

Filled with healthy people

and no strain.


Your vote matters

No matter the amount,

Let’s end this today

We all count.

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