Editorial: Forward, one step at a time

Now that the 2020 election is over, many questions lie ahead of our nation. What will a Biden presidency look like? Will he be able to unite the country?

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We are indisputably a divided nation. However, we have not been forced to confront that reality until now. Our newly elected president, Joe Biden, is set on uniting us, a valiant and commendable effort, but is that realistically possible?

On the eve of his presidency, Donald Trump leaves the United States in an era of deepened division. Outside partisan politics, the future and integrity of our democracy were on the ballot in this past election. There was widespread uncertainty about a peaceful transfer of power and previously uncontested voting practices. Party disputes over the election’s validity further dichotomized the nation. Although Biden won the election, 72 million Americans voted for Trump’s version of America. One where the rights of people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and immigrants are denied. One where the media and science cannot be trusted. One where the cornerstone of our democracy, the vote of the people, is called into question. Just over fifty percent of Americans voted against that ideology, which is a reflection of where we are as a nation.

At the beginning of his acceptance speech, Biden promised to be a leader “who seeks not to divide, but to unify.” The American people need a miracle to make that happen. Still, we are a country built on hope—the hope of a lasting, representative democracy; the hope to protect all of its citizens; the hope that despite our differences, we are and forever will be a united people. Biden has declared his conviction to fight for all Americans in our democracy and bring both sides back to the table once again.

Will the Biden administration live up to its promises? Will it restore the United States we once knew, or lead us to discover a better one? Only time will tell, but our hopes are with him.

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