Classroom censure

Wondering why your classes haven’t discussed the election? Read what a student believes about the lack of election engagement in classrooms.

Classroom censure

There is no doubt that the 2020 election is probably one of the most important elections our country has ever seen. With many different issues on the line such as COVID-19, climate change, gun violence, and the economy, President-elect Joe Biden has many crucial issues on his hands. But let me ask you a question: how much time did your classes spend talking about these topics and the election? For me and for everyone that I interviewed, there was little to no time. I find this to be shocking and very upsetting because electing a person to the highest seat of government will have a huge impact on the world. President-elect Joe Biden will have to deal primarily with stopping the spread of COVID-19. With cases increasing more rapidly than ever, halting businesses by the thousands, and taking more lives than ever imagined, it is absolutely crucial that the virus is suppressed. Considering the fact that so much is on the line, it is very important that we are educated about the election.

Every day we go to school to become more educated about the world. However, with class curricula so rigorous, it is impossible for teachers to fit time into the schedule to teach about current events. In my opinion, these curricula need to be reduced so that there is enough wiggle room for classes to spend at least a few days a year talking about current events. Current events are important because they tell us how the world is changing day by day. It is necessary for students to understand them. This election is a huge current event that will go down in history and it is crazy to think that we have spent little time learning about it. This needs to change.

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