Girls’ cross country races into centrals

Read about the LM girls’ cross country team’s COVID-modified season.


LMXC (middle) has run against tough competition, like Haverford (left) and Garnet Valley (right), this season. | Photo courtesy of Sarah Cooke ’21

Despite a COVID-modified season, the LM girls’ cross country (LMXC) team has been able to remain positive and motivated to train hard for the few races that we are grateful to have. This year all meets were held at Rose Tree park: a tough, hilly, and muddy course. However, these unfavorable conditions have not discouraged our team from getting after it and chasing down career personal bests, which many have already reached. Since each race is limited to twelve runners per team, many schools have decided on only racing their twelve fastest runners each week. LM has taken a different approach. Our team has rotated out racers each week so that no one athlete competes in all meets. In this way, we’ve created the opportunity for freshmen to experience a high school race, and more of our seniors get the chance to close out their last season in LMXC. This strategy, although unique, has actually given us an advantage going into centrals. This week we have central league championships. There will be three seniors running on Saturday for their last race on LMXC. Amongst those seniors are Sarah Cooke ’21, Kisara Freeman ’21, and Sarah Hurst ’21, who is hoping to repeat as central league champion. Since this race is bigger, being against eleven other schools rather than three, only the top seven runners on each team will be given the opportunity to race. No team knows the full potential of LMXC and the strength we truly have, since our twelve fastest runners have never competed together all at once. Although we are underdogs going into centrals, ranked fifth, the Aces are looking to place higher than expected and shock the other schools. They won’t see us coming.

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