Winter Fashion Necessities

Looking for the best looks and accessories for the winter? We’ve got you covered. Form your closet with these tips and suggestions.

With winter approaching and fall coming to a close, there are many clothing items that you must get for your closet before the season arrives. This year, winter fashion trends are focused on being stylish while also keeping you warm and comfortable. 

One tried-and-true winter accessory is the beanie. It can help keep you warm and add so much to your outfit. There are millions of different colors to choose from and beanies match with nearly anything. Hailey Bieber is one celebrity who popularized this trend and showed how fashionable beanies can be. Another outerwear necessity is a good jacket. Puffer jackets are trendy and very comfortable. They come in all different materials and colors and are the perfect way to stay warm. They are great for layering and you can put them on top of sweaters or long sleeves. Once it starts to snow, or even just as the temperature drops, boots are something everyone needs. Ugg is a great brand and has a wide selection of boots to choose from. There are also combat boots, thigh-high boots, platform boots, and leather boots that can help create a very cool look when paired with jeans and a sweater. Those are just a few winter outer pieces that are trendy and will keep you comfortable this season. 

In addition to the outer pieces, sweats are a necessity for your closet. With the pandemic continuing, people are spending much more time at home, and there is less pressure to dress up for work or school. Sweat sets are the perfect way to stay cute and comfortable. Some of the most comfy sweatshirts are sherpas. They are fuzzy sweatshirts that come in all different styles. Some come in a cardigan style while others are zip ups or hoodies. Julia Russel ‘23 shared her thoughts, “I love sherpas because they are great to wear when I’m going out and feeling cold. Not only does it keep me warm, it’s cute and will look good with my outfit. I think sherpas are essential to winter because they do a great job of keeping me warm and stylish.”  Hoodies are also perfect for layering and putting under jackets. 

Another must-have is a good pair of jeans. Mom jeans are very in right now and can easily be dressed up or down. They come in all different washes and styles. Some are ripped and distressed while others are plain and simple. They go with everything and are a winter essential. Sweaters are another piece that is crucial for your winter wardrobe. Cardigans and simple sweaters are perfect to stay warm and cozy. One of the trendiest looks right now is wearing sweaters with long coats and a beanie. It is such a chic outfit that makes you look very put together. These are just a few of the winter fashion trends that everyone needs to have in their closets.

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