Covid safe activities that you and your significant other can participate in during Valentine’s day. Examples include cooking together, watching a movie together, and participating in romantic outdoor activities together.

Graphic by Katie Fang ’23/Staff 

Although it can be difficult to participate in fun activities with COVID-19, don’t let your Valentine’s Day be ruined! There are still various activities to do with your significant other on this special holiday, indoors and outdoors. 

One option could be making dinner together. Cooking or eating a meal together is a delicious way to bring you closer together with the people you love. Rather than having frozen food or ordering out, why not try to make a special dinner from scratch? Not only will this be a fun experience, but you’ll end up with a more rewarding, special and unique meal. 

Not good chefs? No problem. A movie night is always a classic, romantic date. From horror to comedy, there are a variety of options. Spice up your night with some of the snacks you’ve been missing from the movie theater: popcorn, chocolate, and candy always pair well with a movie, even if you’re watching from the couch. 

While these date ideas would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, during quarantine, it’s understandable that not all dates can take place indoors. It might be hard to brave the February chill, but if you’ve gone quarantine shopping, this is the perfect opportunity to change out of sweats and get dressed up to go out. There are many things to do, especially in Philadelphia. Ice skating on the waterfront or at City Hall is a fun way to spend a night with a loved one, and could be paired with an outdoor dinner or a walk around town. Parks are a good daytime option for a picnic or casual stroll as well, and many have beautiful lights if you would prefer to go at night. 

Valentine’s Day is much harder due to the pandemic, but don’t let that get it in the way! With any one of these date ideas, Valentine’s Day is sure to be as special and memorable as ever.

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