The much awaited Marvel show has brought a lot of strong opinions. Here, Noah Sommer contributes his own scathing review to the discussion.

Graphic by Emma Liu ’22/Staff

The initial announcement of the show WandaVison had garnered an enthusiastic response from the public, as fans’ favorite superheroes now had a TV show. Disney spent between $110 and $130 million to advertise this show. For a long time, there was a lot of pressure riding on this show to become successful, as DC has a history of higher quality and more viewed TV shows, so Marvel was trying to break that trend with WandaVison.

When the first two episodes released on January 15, the sitcom-style of the show proved surprising for many viewers. As the show progresses, it slowly becomes more action -based. Currently, there are six episodes available to watch, each of which tries to portray a new decade, starting with the fifties. Not only was the sitcom style disappointing for me as a viewer, it did not even successfully accomplish being a sitcom. A sitcom is a television series that involves a continuous cast of characters in a succession of comedic circumstances, but it fails this criteria, as it is not comedic, since the jokes just fall flat on their faces. I wondered originally if I simply was not the target audience, due to my sense of humor or age, since it is rated TV-PG, so I tested it out with my family. Neither my parents nor my nine-year-old sister found it humorous, though they did chuckle once or twice. I thought the show was well planned out, but I felt like the comedy was either supposed to fail or was just plain bad. The laugh track does not help. In my opinion, if a comedy needs a laugh track to tell the audience when to laugh, it is not normally funny. If it is neither a sitcom nor comedy, why would someone watch it?

The characters in WandaVision may be the only redeeming quality. Their acting is quite good and they clearly have great chemistry together. Overall however, the show is below average; the first episode is poor, the second episode is alright, and the two subsequent episodes are mediocre. I will continue to watch the show, but only to rate it in full. If I were to compare it to another show or movie, it would be like Friends: okay at best, but life on earth would be better without it.

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