COVID Contemplations

A reflection of the students’ experiences one year ago, when COVID became prevalent in all of our lives. Provides perspectives from different students and faculty, and their reflection of the lockdown.

Graphic by Emmi Wu ’23/Staff

Getting the news last year saying there would be two weeks off from school was honestly the best thing to happen. No school, more free time, no homework, countless other good things. Is it still the best thing to happen? Leaving school then made it feel like such a good day, but now it’s one of the saddest in recent memory. COVID-19, at this time last year, was something that people looked forward to, due to the break from school. Just a couple weeks off from school like an extended break. Except the extension has gone on way too long. Thoughts on COVID-19 last year at this time versus now have extremely changed. Every viewpoint on this pandemic is different. Some love the peace, while some despise it.

Personally, I loved the two weeks off  in the  beginning of the pandemic as it was a good reset and break to get my mind off of school, but then it dragged on way too long. When the weeks went on and on, with no clear end  in sight, I started to realize how much I actually enjoyed the school environment and the social interactions. Although we never went back to full capacity school from the day we got sent home, everyone would always say, “Don’t worry about it, we will just be here next year.” Here we are in the next year. Six of the ten months have already gone without being at full capacity in school. Hearing this reality last year would be unbelievable and extremely shocking to all. Rona Dizengoff ’21 gives her take on missing her last years of school as a senior: “When I left school last year thinking it would be for a short period of time, I was excited to have my stress eased from my challenging junior year. I had more time to study for the big exams and more opportunities to think about the future. After seeing the majority of my junior year gone, I was expecting an amazing senior year as it is the last year with my class. Here we are now with the majority of my senior year gone which is so upsetting to think of how much my high school experience has been affected. Already losing junior year was a lot, so seeing my last year at LM flash by through a screen is sad.” It is truly devastating to hear from students that they are so upset on missing these important years of their life. 

Teachers also have a lot to say about the pandemic. Chemistry teacher David Moyer said, “I would have never predicted to be in this situation and full-capacity at school. Thinking only half the kids would come a day and we don’t have school on Friday is crazy. There are so many kids learning at home fully who still are learning remarkably which is a major surprise. Many kids can learn well full-time at home. To think that I would be teaching kids in the classroom and online is remarkable. Especially in chemistry, it is mind blowing to me.”  Teachers are extremely surprised with this different platform, and it took time for all to adjust. While good and bad things have come out of the pandemic, it is safe to say that it has been a challenging year for everyone, and nobody would have thought when we left school last March how much it would affect all of our lives.

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