Fitness during COVID-19

An article that discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the fitness routines of individuals all over the country, with a focus on students at LM.

Graphic by Emmi Wu ’23/Staff

With the disruption caused by COVID-19, people in the community have resorted to activities they would not commonly do to entertain themselves and fill their time. Many found that this was a good time to improve their fitness. This was not only proven to help cure stress during trying times, but people also could get that six-pack they have always dreamed of. The expanse of free time during quarantine became time to exercise. 

For starters, the prevalence of workouts has increased across the country. A New York Times study reports that before COVID-19, about twenty percent of Americans worked out. After only seven months into COVID-19, that number rose to around forty percent. Freshman Ben Cromer communicates his increase in working out; “Since COVID, my workout ethic has increased greatly, and I have been able to take advantage of my escalated free time.” Local gyms around the community have recently reopened, and numbers have been substantially greater than expected, while still following protocols. These numbers are only projected to increase as restrictions get lifted due to more ideal weather and advancements made for COVID-19.

Although numbers have increased, the more considerable difference in fitness throughout COVID-19 is the adjustments to the fitness culture through online workouts.

As the pandemic continues, fitness professionals and companies have been moving classes online due to gym and workout class restrictions and safety protocols. Before COVID-19, it was rare for this option to be available. Peloton was one of a limited selection that had adapted and successfully got their business running with an online format. Now, Pelotons are used by millions of people across the country, and are considered “the new normal.” The Washington Post recorded that only seven percent of Americans used online or live streamed workouts before the pandemic; now, that number tops seventy percent. These changes are likely to be continued even after COVID-19 has died down, as countless gyms have enjoyed spreading this new way of fitness and find it easy to expand and evolve. LM has incorporated this virtual workout system into its own gym classes. Every Friday, there are thirty-minute live-streamed workouts that students can attend. Not only does LM provide this option, but they also offer pre-recorded videos of different types of fitness and mindfulness. Some of these choices include cardio and strength training. 

LM and the local community’s steps to help people continue their fitness despite the pandemic have kept many students happy and healthy as everyone waits for their favorite gym to resume fully in-person operations. 

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