Pandemic can’t stop prom and graduation

How are events like prom and graduation happening this year? What are the plans to hold these events safely?

Graphic by Emmi Wu ’23/Staff

The Class of 2021 has faced many obstacles in the past year, especially having been forced to make sacrifices due to the pandemic. However, despite these setbacks, they are progressing with the planning for prom and graduation, as well as fundraising for these events. Many seniors have an optimistic and grateful outlook on these next few months, choosing to see the opportunities they have been given. There is much to celebrate for the Class of 2021.

Prom season is right around the corner. On May 15, the event will take place in the courtyard and outside of the art wing at LM. After the cancellation of prom for the class of 2020 casted doubts on whether prom was possible this year, seniors are extremely excited to be holding a prom. Adapting to all of the changes and different procedures associated with prom this year has been a real challenge. Elliot Ginzburg ’21, a member of the prom committee, states, “Since the district mandated that we hold our prom at LM outdoors, many of the plans we had were thrown out the window. Overcoming these setbacks has not been easy. As a class officer for the past four years, my job has always been about fundraising and planning a memorable prom. We had to cancel a venue we had reserved two years ago and had to rearrange many of our other plans.”

The theme for the event is “A Night Under the Stars.” The prom committee will be renting or purchasing tents, high top tables, an open air photo booth, yard games and more to transform the space into something amazing that matches the theme. As of right now, the committee is planning on renting three to four food trucks to serve food. Senior Allison Stewart, another member of the prom committee, elaborates on the food situation, saying that the, “Food cost is included in the price of your ticket.” In order to further adhere to the COVID-19 procedures of the district, all of the food will be prepackaged. Additionally, Ginzburg explains how, “COVID precautions will include testing during the days leading up to the event and a mask mandate at prom.” He also hopes that social distancing will be properly maintained after all precautions are taken.

Members of the current senior class are thankful for the generous donation from the class of 2020, who had unused funds because they did not have a prom last year. The cost of tickets will be $55.00 each. 

When asked about her feelings towards having the prom at school, Stewart responded, “The prom committee feels great about this prom at LM. We are happy to be allowed the experience of a prom this year! We are so grateful to be able to be together safely as a class of 2021 after this tough year.” Mia Schwartzberg ’21 expressed, “I don’t mind it. I am just glad that we are able to have a prom after seeing the seniors last year miss out on theirs.” Senior Charlotte Gordon explains how she is sad and that, “I don’t understand why they can’t have it at an outdoor venue. All of these other schools figured it out on time. All of the other grades got to have it at real venues like the Please Touch Museum, which is beautiful. We only have $2,000 for decorations. It doesn’t really add up.” 

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, June 8, graduation is scheduled to occur. In an email sent by principal Sean Hughes to the seniors and their parents/guardians, Hughes states that, “While we are still working on logistics and complying with the district, local, county, state, and national health and safety guidelines, we are going to move forward with ordering and the distribution of caps/gowns/stoles.” As for the graduation party, it is still unclear what the exact plan is, but more information will be given as the date gets closer. 

Fundraising for the senior class is still taking place and appears to be going very well. After the Chipotle fundraiser on Tuesday, February 13, the class of 2021 was able to raise $641 in funds. Additionally, after selling senior t-shirts they collected over $1200. More fundraisers included selling a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for $10, a Panera fundraiser where a portion of the money went to the class of 2021, and a Sophie’s BBQ fundraiser where fifteen percent of the proceeds went to the class of 2021. All of these funds will contribute to the prom and graduation costs.

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