Moments that matter

A reflection of high school experiences.

One of my favorite moments from each school day is walking through the halls and being greeted by someone who is not typically on my daily radar. An enhancer to these moments is being complimented by that person or them stopping their rush to class to engage in a short conversation. When I let myself sit with and value these interactions, they can make a bad day turn around. As a checked out senior eager to receive my diploma, I look forward to the split second in which I stand onstage with Principal Sean Hughes, even if that is just for a folder exchange, smile, and handshake. Looking back at all of the little moments I’ve had with those around me, I wonder if I ever took them for granted.

Reflecting on my four years at LM, I begin to remember short and sweet conversations I’ve shared with people who I don’t necessarily have a special relationship with. I recall copy editing a page for the Merionite as an inexperienced sophomore, and one of the current Editors-in-Chief told me that my edits showed great potential to be in management one day. I remember the first time performing in groups for the LM Dance Team and trembling out of nervousness due to the deathly stares from the upperclassmen. Afterwards, one of the seniors came up to me and applauded my energetic performance. These seemingly miniscule moments helped shape who I have become, but sometimes, there are even greater occurrences that we absolutely need to cherish.

This year brought the many obstacles of COVID-19, but also left me with a fresh sense of gratitude. I learned to appreciate a newfound relationship with someone who entered my life with great intentions and changed it for the better. They taught me that life is more than all of the exterior stresses that come with being a teenager, and that it is okay to lean on someone in a time of need. I think this is quite reminiscent of a prudent lesson that a longtime teacher of mine portrayed to my class. At the end of each year, Capkin reintroduces a quote from Robert M. Pirsig who states that “we keep passing unseen through the little moments of other people’s lives.” Life usually works that way, but to anyone reading this eager for some words of wisdom, I hope that as you walk through people’s lives, maybe stay there a little longer, treasure it, and perhaps something stronger will come out on the other end, something greater than the little moments.

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