Back to school interviews

Students from all grades are interviewed on their high school experiences

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Freshman Questions

Q1: What are your thoughts on ninth grade so far?

A1: For the most part I like most of it.

A2: Pretty good, and there isn’t a huge amount of work which is nice.

Q2: Which do you like better, high school or middle school?  Why? 

A1: I like high school better because there is more freedom.

A2: Probably high school because we get a lot more freedom than we

did in middle school. Plus there are more clubs, sports, and options

for us.

Q3: What has been your most enjoyable class so far?

A1: So far I love ceramics.    
A2: Probably math because my math teacher is so sweet, and she barely 

gives homework. Plus I have a bunch of friends in my math class.

Q4: What are your thoughts on assigning Lunch and Learn?

A1: I don’t love it because sometimes I don’t have the same lunch as 

my other friends.

A2: I don’t love it. I’d rather be able to choose where I go for the hour.

Q5: What extracurricular activities interest you? What clubs have you joined? 

A1: I am on the LM tennis team.

A2: I’m on the LM dance team and LM squash in the winter.

Sophomore Questions 

Q1: What are your thoughts on tenth grade so far?

A1: It’s really fun; it’s not as stressful as I thought it would be.

A2: I think that tenth grade has gone very smoothly so far.

Q2: What has been your most enjoyable class so far?

A1: Global Citizenship: the class is really interesting because of the 

current events we talk about.

A2: My most enjoyable class is AP Psychology.

Q3: How are things different from last year from online classes?

A1: This is the first year I have experienced Lunch and Learn so it’s 

really fun! I also like having everyone in the school at the same time.

A2: I Definitely have to pay more attention.

Q4: Are you happy to be back in person? Why?

A1: Yes, it was so hard to concentrate at home and it was never 

fun being online while there were other students in the class.

A2: Yes, I love seeing everyone.

Q5: What is an accomplishment you want to achieve this year? 

A1: Become really involved in some clubs and stay up to date with 

current events.

A2: Receiving all A’s.

Junior Questions

Q1: What are your thoughts on eleventh grade so far?

A1: 11th grade has been great so far. I’m happy to be back at school with

the normal schedule.

A2: It has been very stressful and overwhelming, but also rewarding. I 

feel like the work I am doing this year is leading to something bigger 

in my life.

Q2: Are you happy to be back in person? Why?

A1: Yes, I am very happy to be back in person. Last year, going to class

through Zoom was challenging and it was hard to make connections 

with teachers and other students.

A2: I am very happy to be back in person. At home I really missed the 

social aspect of school and it is way easier to get help from teachers in 


Q3: What have you enjoyed more this year than last?

A1: I am enjoying the return of Lunch and Learn.

A2: I have enjoyed the social aspect more this year than last year.

Q4: What is something you are most excited about? Or nervous?

A1: I am most excited to meet with clubs in person and see all of my 

friends. I am also looking forward to the return of many fun school 


A2: I am most nervous about standardized tests like the ACT and AP 


Q5: What is an accomplishment you want to achieve this year?

A1: I hope to do well in my classes and overall have a fun, successful 


A2: I want to achieve a good balance of working hard and learning a lot, 

while also prioritizing my mental health.

Senior Questions  

Q1: What are your thoughts on twelfth grade so far?

A1: It’s tough, but I’m happy to be able to experience it in a somewhat 

normal way.

A2: I find it pretty hard managing my after school activities and 

applying to colleges.

Q2: Are you happy to be back in person? Why?

A1: I think that it has been so long that school circumstances haven’t 

been “normal” or close to what they were when I was a sophomore 

or freshman. Even though we wear masks now, I think school feels

as close to what we had in the past, with spirit, Lunch and Learn, 

and a normal bell schedule.

A2: Yes definitely, it’s nice to see my friends and teachers and get help 

during Lunch and Learn.

Q3: What is something that you have been enjoying since being back at school?

A1: Eating lunch outside with my friends.

A2: Using Lunch and Learn to talk to teachers.

Q4: How do you think high school has prepared you for college?

A1: I think that it taught me how to manage my time well, but I think

that college and high school are so different. We will never be 100% 


A2: The amount of homework is pretty rigorous, especially for AP

classes. Also making new friends in classes.

Q5: Have you had a teacher that has made a difference in your years at LM? 

If so, who?

A1: Definitely Mr. Burch.

A2: Mr. Grugan because he helped me so much and never judged my 


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