To be what you wish to be

Read this poem to get into the Halloween spirit!

Read this poem to get into the Halloween spirit! | Graphic by Matilda Schwartz ’25

Welcome child to my humble abode! 

I swear my shop isn’t sketchy 

Despite it being way off the road 

Do you want to be a gremlin? 

Do you want to be a ghost? 

Do you want to be the person you love most? 


How about a witch? 

How about an owl? 

Or maybe a cat 

That makes dogs howl 


Something trendy

Something not 

Something homemade 

Something bought 


Simple like a sheet ghost 

Complex and colorful hair

Don’t stress yourself out 

Stun people and let them stare 


You said something non-cliche? 

I might have something for you 

Just drink this potion 

We’ll see what you turn into 


Look in the mirror 

Can you not see your reflection? 

Drink this one instead 

It will give you a better direction 


I see this time you’re a superhero 

Don’t know too many though 

Is it from that one franchise?

Wait, HEY don’t shoot me with that crossbow! 


Ok now you’re in a uniform 

What’s this from? 

They all blend together 

Or maybe I’m just dumb 


You think this looks generic? 

I can give you a stronger elixir

I can’t guarantee that

It will be a definite fixer 


Ah, silly me! 

That had a tag

This potion was meant for a group!

My eyes are a bit bad 


Well it still worked 

And there are now several costumes on the floor

But choose which you like 

I hope they aren’t a bore 


Say, do you have friends? 

Dress up together! 

This set specifically is a group of game characters 

And the material is light as a feather


Or maybe you want to go 

With only one other friend

Be a dynamic duo 

It will be fun in the end! 


Maybe an iconic pair

Like partners in a crime duo 

Maybe something more mellow 

And lots of effort to show 


Be a cute couple? 

Perhaps both of your favorite ships? 

Hopefully you have some of the same ones 

Or just get some tips 


An angel and a demon

A pixie and a dragon 

Materials of lace or even satin 


Well my shop closes in ten 

And you still seem to be lost 

So when you see the cottage going straight 

The roads shall be crossed 


But you’ve gone all the way out here

And I have one potion left in store 

It’s a bit of a dangerous one though 

And it hasn’t been tested out before 


Think of where you want to go 

Drink this and you’ll be there 

Can’t guarantee that it will work 

Hope that didn’t give you a scare 


Have a safe trip dear child 

Don’t worry about accidentally making a scene 

Make sure no one steals your candy 

And have a very happy Halloween!

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