Diving back in

The LM swim team dips their feet in the water as their season is in full swing.

Photo courtesy of Pexels

At the start of November, the members of LM’s swim and dive team anxiously anticipated the start of the season. The athletes had been preparing since the 2020-2021 season ended, but now the real grind starts. After a shortened season last year, the athletes were all ready for a full schedule of meets and practices. The team is also looking forward to welcoming new swimmers to the “swamily,” or Swim Family, throughout the season. On November 19, swimmers took their first plunge into the infamous LM pool with time trials. 

Daniel Shea ’22 said, “I can’t wait to just get back in the pool and have a good time training hard.” Multiple other members stated they are looking forward to the return of spirit dinners with the team. The boys 4×100 freestyle relay has their goal in sight this season: Phillip Gao ’22, Aaron Levine ’22, Joshua Sultanik ’22, and Jordy Mandelbaum ’23, hope to break the school record. Senior Annika Naveen looks to leave her mark with a final outstanding season. Juniors Matthew Thomas and Omar Niazy say, “even when we are freezing and the chlorine burns our skin, we push through with the support of our amazing team and with the motivation to get faster.” No matter the reason, everyone is ready and excited to dive back into that freezing pool and win some races! 

On November 19, swimmers took their first plunge into the infamous LM pool with time trials. It is important to note, however, that Mr. Hughes was a big supporter of the swim team, as he was a swimmer himself. He could be seen peeking his head in during practices or meets, always cheering us on. As we compete this year, his memory will be with us, driving our continued passion and commitment to this sport. We know this team will be ready to work, and we can’t wait for an incredible season. 

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