Classroom Aesthetics

Since the pandemic, aesthetics and comfortable classrooms have become even more important, so let’s rank the best classrooms to be in at LMHS!

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My goal is to find the most calming, aesthetic, comfortable and good learning environment in a classroom. I am a 9th grader and have only been in so many classrooms however, I love my advisory teacher, Mr. Hazel’s room. Mr. Hazel is an art teacher and his classroom is filled with easels and stools instead of desks or tables. The lights are usually off or dimmed and on the back wall there are fairy lights. Everywhere you look  artwork hangs along the wall from students. You will also almost never hear a silent room because it is filled with calming music. To me this is an ideal classroom for relaxation and calming, but since I don’t do work in the room I can not say if it’s a good learning environment. For another opinion I asked Sydney, a 9th grade student, and she said her Spanish teacher’s room, Sra. Pellegrino was her favorite. The room allows her to learn and also be comfortable. Sra. Pellegrino and Sra. Leveque shares a room that is covered in colorful posters that cover almost every inch of the walls. The classroom has a table and chair spread out in table groups and two big white boards on opposite sides of the wall. The room allows Sydney along with other students a great learning environment. Another student mentioned Mrs. Rehak’s room. It is her favorite classroom because of the whole aesthetic. There is a time’s magazine photo on the wall which gives a fun feature to look at. But there are also student projects organized next a neat way giving the classroom a nice balance. This classroom is one of the many that also have lights hanging on the wall making the room very comfortable and relaxing. Another room that is aesthetic and also comfortable in Mrs. Johnson’s class which is the challenge room. Her classroom has so many motivational things around the room and hanging on the wall it makes you feel good. Posters for multiple clubs hang on the wall encouraging people to get involved. She also has posters of all kinds of representation of people which makes you feel welcomed and comforted in the space. Lastly, I researched what makes a classroom aesthetic and why it is important to have an aesthetic classroom for students. It states in Benefits of an Aesthetic Education by Doane university “Since aesthetic quality is an aspect of all activity, perception, and intelligent thought, aesthetic education helps students discover new ways of looking at, listening to, moving in and speaking of their everyday experiences.” Overall, each classroom at Lower Merion has a great learning environment for all students however, the classrooms discussed today are just a little more calming, aesthetic, comfortable and have a great learning environment for all students.    

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