Winter Activities

Fun and exciting activities for the Winter season

Winter is filled with early mornings, midterms, and freezing cold walks to school. However, despite the short amount of sunlight and long monotonous days, this season is a perfect time to take advantage of the wonderful activities available. Whether you enjoy bundling up and going out in the cold or find joy in wearing your favorite pair of fuzzy socks and curling up under piles of blankets, the wintertime offers something to everyone. Grab your favorite cookie recipe from the shelf and spend the day in the kitchen, or face the freezing temperatures in hopes of going sledding. Indoors or outdoors, by yourself or with company, there are a multitude of options. You’ll never experience a minute of boredom. There is without a doubt a worthwhile activity for everyone.  

Indoor activities definitely appeal to a majority of individuals across all age groups. Some prefer to stay warm inside their homes, layered in sweatshirts, stationed next to a roaring fireplace with hot chocolate in hand. Taking the more relaxing route, Grace O’Connor ’23 says her favorite indoor activity is to “watch movies with my family and friends because I love the feeling of sharing a laugh with my favorite people.” Another indoor option is participating in a gift exchange. No matter what holiday you celebrate, the gift giving mood stays constant throughout the season. Making the gift exchange secret adds a fun element of surprise. The price of the items doesn’t matter because it’s the thought that counts. And who doesn’t love giving and receiving gifts? During the winter, whenever you open Instagram, TikTok, or even a newspaper, you are sure to land on a delicious holiday baking recipe. A wide range of skill-level choices exist depending on your cooking talent. Even just searching  “best winter recipes” will provide you with something worth creating from the comfort of your own home.

The sub thirty degree temperatures are no match for the adventurous individuals who wish to spend their winter hours outdoors braving the weather. There is nothing more exhilarating than spending hours outside in the fresh snow messing around with your friends until your noses are bright red and your toes are frozen. When asked what’s her favorite winter pastime, Anna Vaughan ’23 replied, “my favorite thing to do is have a snowball fight because it’s always a great time with friends!” Nothing beats a harmless competition with your closest companions. Also, not every outdoor activity has to involve snow. Sitting around a fire pit or even just going for a walk during the day are two more ways to beneficially spend those long winter days. 

There is truly nothing more majestic than watching snow fall outside of your window while sitting in front of the TV playing a holiday movie or while you wait for your friends to finish baking cookies in the next room. From the daunting ski hills, to the cozy indoors, you are bound to find a worthwhile winter activity to fill your time.

Building a snowman | Photo Courtesy by Wikipedia (Wikipedia)

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