Setting the season

The boys’ volleyball season is coming up soon and the team is ready for a successful season.

The boys’ volleyball season is on the horizon, and the team is ready for another opportunity to surpass expectations. Last year’s squad, consisting of ten rookies and one lone senior, won an impressive three games by the end of the season. The team hadn’t won in over four years, so the idea of three in one season seemed unthinkable. As experience among the players grew, skill and confidence followed right behind. 

Coming into the season, the team holds itself to the highest standards, expecting every player to contribute however they can. Senior Luke Barnett ’22 explains, “Last season was a growing experience for the team, and with in-game action under my (and many of my fellow teammates’) belt, we’re primed for a great year.” Barnett, the team’s star outside hitter, looks to finish his high school career with a strong playoffs run. Although the team is young and full of newer players to the sport, Coach Marie Hamilton looks to piece together this puzzle with an array of powerful pieces. As the sport grows in popularity at LM, more talent finds its way onto the roster. 

Senior Spencer Rosenbaum may just be the final key to the team’s success. Rosenbaum, as captain of the LM boys’ soccer team and runner for winter track, is an athletic gem that the team looks to capitalize on. Although this is his first year on the team, with his athletic background he believes he can find his role on the court. Rosenbaum puts this season into perspective, “I have been on many teams before, and the difference between the success of these teams is undoubtedly the confidence and energy surrounding them. It is clear that this group feels a playoff run on the horizon and as a new member of the team, I’m excited for that to happen.”

For many players, because this will be their final year playing volleyball, it is particularly important to perform well this season. With three players winning All-Central League honors, Bram Schwadron ’22 (2nd team), Zev Charlson ’22 (Honorable Mention), and Barnett (Honorable Mention), the team’s veteran leadership is a recipe for a promising season. The attitudes among the leaders throughout winter open gyms has added a fun and dynamic environment for the team to practice in. Coach Hamilton shares, “My biggest goal this season is to help my seniors have the best and most rewarding season both on and off the court and help them dominate our competition.” The winning mindset stems from the coaching staff and radiates throughout the team. The team looks to improve after their impressive three wins in the

prior season, with ambitions of playoffs and a state run. 

A key ingredient to the boys’ success is the support of the remarkable LM girls’ volleyball team. Having a successful season in both the Central Athletic League and Districts, several girls look to continue this tradition of success into the spring season with the boys. With the help of All-State players Abiah Lane ’22 and Claire Hamilton ’23, the boys have players to model their own games after. Emily Greenland ’22, setter for the girls’ team and manager for the boys’ team, adds, “The boys’ volleyball team has worked from the ground up over the last few years and has quickly become a powerful team due to the returning seniors. The relationship between the boys and girls team has created two amazing teams, putting the precision of girls’ volleyball and the power of boys’ volleyball together.” The guidance the girls’ volleyball players bring to the team leads to rapid improvement and a chance to emulate the impressive girls’ season.

Boys’ volleyball 20-21 | Photo courtesy of The Enchiridion

As the season approaches, it is clear that each player has the same agenda: winning. The chemistry from lifelong friendships between players creates an unbreakable team and a powerful sense of dominance. Competing with your best friends is an unforgettable experience that the team will appreciate for the rest of their lives. Boys’ volleyball is due for the perfect storm and knows that the time to win is now!

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