The seniors that stick

With stand-out junior players and the support of the seniors, the girls lacrosse team is in better shape than ever.

At first glance, the  Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse team may look the same as every other year. While this year’s record remains similar to years prior, there is much more under the surface where aspects of the team have changed for the better: a new head coach, a new assistant coach, and a new attitude. At the beginning of the half in the game against Springfield, the Aces led by two goals. While the Cougars took the win that game–their head coach’s 450th career win–the Aces still ended with another type of win: the coach remarked that this LM lacrosse team is the best he has ever seen.

The talent from the stand-out junior class Avery Bickell, Mia Falco, and Finley Hoffman has definitely helped the Aces boost their performance this year. The Garnet Valley game was well within reach, while in years prior the team was getting blown out by more than twenty goals. However, the leadership from the senior class has improved the frame of mind of this team, creating a legacy of unity that will last for years. 

Photo courtesy of The Enchiridion

Senior captains Clare Morrisey, Eliza Rudy, and Makenna Sill have been the support this team has needed in years past. Sill shares that “LM girls’ lacrosse has changed immensely over the last four years, and despite each year having their own positives, I’ve never seen the team more united and excited for every practice and every game. No matter the stressors we face in school, coming to Arnold Field brings out the best of every teammate whose unique personalities create a sometimes chaotic, but always supportive and loving environment. With the help of a new coaching staff, this year brings the upbeat energy of a new team filled with familiar faces from past years.” Rudy adds that “LM girls’ lacrosse is an incredibly resilient team. Despite coaching staff changes and being in one of the toughest leagues, each player is always willing to give 100 percent everyday. This team is full of spirit and determination, and will undoubtedly grow to do great things.” 

These leaders are also shaping the years to come by providing an encouraging environment for underclassmen to pass on for years to come. Sophomore Rachel Riggio expressed that “the senior class this year is one of a kind. They are always there with the energy to help us get through a tough game or to support you if you need it.” Evelyn Mastaglio ’24, added that “the seniors are great role models to the underclassmen. They show us what it means to be a great teammate, leader, and friend.” Coach Kara Stroup-Clark recognized that, “our 2022 senior class has a huge impact on the team both on and off the field. They are a large group, so they cover a lot of ground including impact players on the field, leadership, and experience for our younger players who have not yet experienced the full paced lacrosse season until this year.” While this year’s team has a far from perfect record, players are more unified than ever, and rising seniors certainly have big shoes to fill in future seasons. LM should expect many successful seasons ahead!

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