Should LMSD continue the senior project?

Grady Gardner explores the project outgoing Seniors are tasked with each year and whether it’s still viable

As Juniors, my peers and I have begun to feel the pressures of college and post-secondary life commencing. This can be a very scary and stressful time for those who don’t have any ideas about what they want to do with their life. The LMSD Senior project is, according to the most edition of the LMSD Handbook, “an experiential exploration of a topic of interest to an individual student.” Seniors end classes on May 6, in order to complete seventy hours of work for the project before presentations start on May 31. The Senior Project program should continue for future years at LM because it provides Seniors with the opportunity to make a change in their community, gain career prospective, and develop time management skills. 

The LM Senior Project Program provides opportunities for personal growth and impacts others in the community. An example of a Senior project for personal growth could be an internship or shadowing someone at a company or business. This is a way for someone to figure out what they want to do, or potentially lead them down a different career path than expected. Senior Lillie Abella explains that, “Allowing for Seniors to explore any interest they have in a professional setting is a great way to be exposed to careers that spike their curiosity at the time.” Senior projects help give Seniors a real perspective on possible career paths. 

Another skill gained from the Senior project program is time management. Students have almost three weeks to complete their project. However, many could procrastinate and create a subpar presentation. Cramming a project into just a few days would cause major stress for Seniors and would teach them to never procrastinate again. Thus, the Senior project teaches students to manage their time wisely in order to make their experience worthwhile. 

Another reason why the LM Senior project is a positive aspect of the Senior curriculum is that many projects involve community service. This includes coaching younger kids, tutoring those in need, or cleaning up parks around the township. This is a way that Seniors can make the community better, while gaining a bit of satisfaction-and fulfilling a graduation requirement. 

Not only do Senior projects give Seniors a more laid back end to high school, but they also provide the opportunity for students to have a meaningful experience before they begin their first steps of adult life.

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