Stop stressing

Learn how to cope with stress.

Stress. It gets to all of us. While stress can physically impact a person, the most difficult part about it is dealing with it when it takes over. Sometimes all you need is to take a deep breath or a minute alone to calm those nerves. 

As the school year comes to a close, the AP Exams approach faster than ever. Whether you are taking the tests for college applications or even as a benchmark, the hours of tests can carry a lot of stress along with them. How can you deal with it? Finley Hoffman ’23 explains that she, “had a set studying schedule and tried not to stress too much because it was not the end of the world if my score was not the best.” As these tests approach, students should remember that their scores do not determine who they are as people and it is simply an assessment on the AP curriculum. Jamie Elman ’22 says that she, “stopped studying the night before because it does not do you any good to cram in last minute studying.” Elman further expressed that, “my AP scores would not be the end all be all of my college applications.” This advice could carry over into any situation, especially for a high school student preparing for college. Learning to cope with stress and finding healthy ways to deal with situations like AP Exams, tests, and interviews is extremely important. If you are worried about the ACTs or SATs, allow yourself to adapt to regular studying habits so instead of feeling stressed out, come test day, you will feel prepared and calm. 

Williams Integracare Clinic explains that stress affects more than just your mind and learning to overcome issues that you cannot change is a very important part of stress management. Whether it is taking care of yourself by eating healthy meals, getting plenty of sleep, or giving yourself a break when stress gets out of hand, there are many ways to cope with negative feelings. Even finding a trusted adult or friend to sit down and talk to is always helpful. Since Stress Awareness Month is upon us, it is very important for high school students to remember: don’t overthink situations that will not have a massive impact on the rest of your life. Start doing yoga, learn to communicate struggles, find a few fellow trusted listeners, and remember to relax. 

Graphic by Ilana Zahavy ’24/ Staff

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