The joy of spring

A look into the poetic elements of spring.

Droplets glisten on the waxy leaves

The evanescent shine 

Could blind ones eyes


Fish splash and leap out of the opposing currents

Their scales reflect the clear water 

Of radiant scarlets, golds, ambers


Clovers sway in the light breeze

Which hums its way into the blooming flowers

Petals breaking off and falling to the ground 


The wings of a bird whoosh by, as it 

Tangles itself among the branches of trees


Within the hollow wood, chirps of 

Crickets vibrate throughout the tree


Ladybugs crawl along the crevices 

And creases of the weathered bark


It trails to the roots which puncture

The Earth’s floor 


Along comes the pitter-patter

Of small feet 

Making marks across the terrain 


A twig is in the hand of the being 

That makes its marks on the crust of the Earth


She swings it around like a wand

A paintbrush 

A pen with no end to the ink 


Her eyes wander to the tops of the treetops

Where the birds have perched to watch the performance


The girl comes upon the stream 

With the glistening fish of warmth which 

Swim away from the loud noises coming from her direction


Another small child enters the picture 

He roars like a dragon from the peacock-colored leaves 

And charges into the girl 


They fall into the shallow water and laugh

Voices echoing to the birds above 

And bugs below


The creatures seem a bit rattled 

By the interference of the newcomers 

But nevertheless they enjoy their presence in 

The otherwise peaceful environment because

A little chaos never hurt anyone


The children get up and brush themselves off

Before leaving, the girl decides to put the duo’s mark somewhere


She gathers some smooth rocks from the stream

And colorful flowers from a nearby patch 

Even found a feather from a bird 

And makes a heart on the ground out of the objects 


She plants her stick in the middle,


To the sky and marches out of the small forest 


The boy follows close behind 

And the animals were once again left alone


The birds were the bravest and first to 

Go examine what the human did up close


They pecked at the ground at first 

And look up at the child’s masterpiece 

Squirrels scurry to look and then came the bunnies


None of them dare to touch it

Only look 






After a bit they all leave 

Until the only beings that could have admired it

Are the fish confined to the water 


The piece now left to the wind and the elements

Spring | Graphic by Eliza Leibo ’25/Staff

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