An update regarding the passing of Mr. Hughes

An update on the passing of Principal Sean Hughes.

Months have passed since the shocking passing of beloved Principal Sean Hughes, who died after a car crash that occurred while driving his thirteen year-old son to soccer practice. On March 10, there was a new development surrounding the tragedy. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, 54-year-old Azuka Ossai of Pine Hill New Jersey was arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault by auto. After Ossai drove through a stop sign in Winslow Township, he collided with Hughes’ SUV, ultimately causing his death and injuring Hughes’ son. Ossai has been released and will be subject to a detention hearing.
When speaking with the Inquirer, wife Kristi Hughes expressed gratitude for the Camden County prosecutors, and that there was “a little bit of closure” in the tragedy. The LM community, still in mourning themselves, hopes to continue to be a place to honor Hughes’ memory. A recent way in which this has occurred was the many teachers and students who participated in the Broad Street Run on Team Hughes, raising money through sponsors for the Sean Hughes Children’s Fun. As participating physical education teacher Kyrie Michaud described, “Everyone here misses him a lot, so it was just a good time to come together, to remember him, to celebrate him, and to just challenge ourselves to do something in his honor.”

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