23 tips to know before 2023

23 things students can do to make the most of this school year.

  1. Get involved in school extracurriculars. 
  2. Show up to school events like the sports games.  
  3. Stick the “ACES” sticker on your laptop so teachers like you. 
  4. Stay awake in history (the Revolutionary War is NOT a bedtime story).
  5. Use Google Calendar to be more organized (this is not a sponsorship).
  6. Use your elbows in the cafeteria line. 
  7. Carry a water bottle. 
  8. Charge your laptop. 
  9. Walk on the right side of the stairs otherwise someone will push you.
  10. Stay out of the way in the hallway. 
  11. Embrace school spirit. 
  12. Try not to end up on @lm.sus.
  13. Move your car from two hour parking. 
  14. Get on your teachers’ good sides.
  15. Be kind to freshmen (they’re people too).
  16. Keep your volleyball out of the koi pond.  
  17. Enter to learn, go forth to SERVE #slay 
  18. Join the best, most amazing club in school: The Merionite 
  19. Wear deodorant (PLEASE). 
  20. Act your age. 
  21. Follow the rules.
  22. Limit the amount of times you cry in front of your math teacher.
  23. Pay attention.

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