Inside the zine

InsideOut calls out for new members to join, their latest craze being the zine.

Watch out artists! InsideOut, LM’s digital art club, is under new management! With the club’s currenr management come fantastic ideas and changes. Thanks to seniors Abigail Parks, Annie Wackerman and Lily Greenberg, InsideOut is getting ready to bring its best year yet. Since 2014, the club has gone through many faces ranging from comics, animation, graphic design, and photography, but has always been welcoming to each and every medi- um of art. InsideOut is striving to be come the best place at LM to share any art!

The style of InsideOut is changing for the better! Previously, they sported a clean, gallery-like look, but to better reflect the various art styles of its mem bers, the aesthetic of the club is changing to an eclectic look along the lines of zine. Zine is a term for magazine styled art that is popular with punk artists. This means that anything from grunge to formal will find its place perfectly! The leadership of the three new leaders will help InsideOut grow into a powerful platform for all artists to express who they are through their art.

Whether you’re an artist looking to share your art, or someone looking to join a team of artists, InsideOut is the place to be. Everyone works for the common goal of sharing and supporting art. For people interested in working behind the scenes of InsideOut, there are many ways to help out; ranging from web de- sign to promotional work, with many more inbetween! InsideOut offers an inclusive space for all artists at LM to share and create art, and for members to make new bonds and to strengthen their old friendships.

To kick off the year, they did an October spooky themed art contest, and they plan to hold new competitions every month. So, make sure to keep up with them by showing up to their weekly meetings. Along with the art contest, they also got right to work on the revamping of their logo to fit the spooky Halloween vibes. Every month, they plan to redesign based on the theme of the monthly submissions to further the aesthetic of the contest.

Everyone is welcome in InsideOut, no matter if they are new to art or a veteran. It’s a great community. If you are interested in the visual arts and want to share that with the greater community, then this is the place for you. The club is a blast and is great for making new friends. In sideOut is the perfect place for any artist looking to improve or share their art!

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