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Homecoming hype

An inside look at this year’s homecoming, including homecoming outfit suggestions.
Graphic by Ilana Zahavy ’24/Staff

Hey LM! Remember last year, in the first week of November where we danced, had fun with friends, and most importantly, were dressed to impress? Well, we are back at it for the second year in a row. LMHS presents our schoolwide Homecoming Dance on November 5. This event will be held at LM from 7-10 PM. Tickets will be sold the week of October 24 in the Lower Atrium. There will be music, entertainment, snacks, and the attire will be semi-formal. Speaking of attire, since it’s a new year, we all can amp up our fashion game for this highly anticipated event. If you are new to LM, or are continuing your years at school, here is a list of trends and staple pieces that are great for homecoming.

1. Wearing fall colors:

Although we all love and sometimes miss summer, pastels are out of season for the fall time. Colors like red, dark green, navy, browns, and purples are the perfect colors for fall. Whether it is a dress, cute pantsuits, or anything of your choice, darker tones are great to style any autumn outfit. Another color scheme that will also look amazing this “hoco” are Earth tones. Colors like browns, greens, beige, and black are simple yet signify fall time and are super easy to find either online and in stores. 

2. 90’s/early 20’s fashion:

If you’re like me, right now for this fall season, your entire Pinterest board or Tik Tok is filled with clothing inspo from Gilmore Girls, Friends, 10 Things I Hate About You, or other movies and TV shows from that period of fashion. All of these trends and outfits are some of the most iconic fashion inspirations for our generation. In turn, dressing like some of these characters will make for a very fashion forward homecoming. Whether it being a slip dress, halter dresses, black spaghetti strap, corsets, or any low rise pants/formal cargos are a must have for this year’s homecoming.

3. Scoop tops:

Whether it be a shirt or dress, the scoop neckline has been trending all over the media making it one of the most popular fashion trends of 2022. This neckline really attributes to the 90’s/early 20’s style that was mentioned early in our list of must haves. As well as being super trendy and in style, scoop tops also compliment jewelry so well.

4. Gold jewelry:

Along with Earth tones, gold jewelry is a great compliment for the fall. Right now, dainty layered gold necklaces, cute chunky gold rings, as well as gold hoops are a good way to accessorize your look. Although silver is really cute for summer and winter, it’s not the metal for this season making gold the number one pick.

5. White/black button ups:

These classic and easy shirts are a staple at homecoming and are so easy to pair with any pants. Since it’s autumn, the best form of this shirt would be a long sleeve. These shirts are also super accessible and easy to find making your outfit less of a hassle to get and still homecoming approved.

This list of must haves is just a small guide to help you prep. With all that being said, these clothes and accessories can definitely take a hit on our environment. Keeping that in mind, we should all try to buy from websites/stores who sell sustainable clothing, maybe buy used or thrifted clothes, buy from local businesses, or even shy away from fast fashion brands that only make unsustainable clothing so we can show this “hoco” and show a little love to the planet. We hope this guide helps you at least have some ideas of what to wear, and wish you an amazing homecoming 2022!

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