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Fabulous, festive, fall activities

A deep dive into some of the most creative fall craft ideas.
Graphic by Ilana Zahavy ’24/Staff

Tired of just carving jack-o-lanterns for the fall time? Well, just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean it’s too late to have some seasonal fun. Here are some crafty and entertaining projects to undertake this fall!

1. Pumpkin squirrel feeders:
Bird feeders are great, but why even bother having one? Let’s be honest with ourselves–which animal is really going to eat those seeds? The world is a cruel and unforgiving meritocracy, and if squirrels insist upon stealing their fill year after year, so be it. Leave out your pumpkin of choice on the porch or windowsill and the squirrels will do the rest.

2. Fallen leaf counterfeit money:
Are you broke? Luckily for you, most people don’t pay enough attention to know whether they’re holding a dollar bill or a carefully designed leaf. For this craft, all you need is a traceable image of George Washington’s face and a tree.

3. Pumpkin wall insulator:
Ever noticed how pumpkins go bad after a little while? Does your family refuse to turn up the thermostat? If so, this may be the craft for you. Just open up a hole in your bedroom wall and insert the remains of your pumpkin into the crack. It’s pretty much the same texture as wall insulation, anyway. The more pumpkin inside your walls, the warmer it gets.

4. Pumpkin height insoles:
Do you want to be the tallest person at the Thanksgiving dinner table? This time, when your grandparents comment on how much you’ve grown, they won’t be lying. By layering slices of pumpkin flesh on top of each other and inserting them into your shoe, your height is yours to choose.

5. Fallen leaf hair extensions:
Need to add some volume to your hair? Do you often find yourself disliking your hair after a haircut? Fear not. With fall comes an influx of potentially perfect hair extensions scattered across the sidewalk. Simply twist your hair around the stem of a fallen leaf and finish it off with a dab of glue. Repeat until the desired look is achieved, or until no leaf-free hair remains.

And there you have it! With such a spectacular seasonal selection of do-it-yourself activities, there’s no reason to be bored as the weather cools and the days get shorter.


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