The madness continues

The 2022 Maroon Madness event was a huge success!

The Kobe gym was packed with students cheering up and down the bleachers enjoying a night of fun competition, enticing raffles, and all things basketball.  Each year, LM’s student council organizes Maroon Madness, an event that triples as a pep rally for winter sports, an epic basketball game, and a charity event.  Student council leaders worked hard reaching out to local businesses in hopes of gaining sponsors in addition to collecting money for this year’s cause, the Sean A. Hughes Children’s Trust.  

The doors opened at 5:30, giving students the chance to buy food, raffle tickets, and get settled before the performances began.  The Dance team put on a spectacular show featuring popular songs that the crowd embraced and sung along to.  On behalf of the Dance Team, Keira Edge ‘24 expressed that the, “Dance team had a great time performing, we definitely loved watching the basketball team’s intro and the swim team’s performance!”  Even the swim team got the gym moving with the dance they choreographed.

Shortly after the entertainment, the crowd’s focus was shifted towards LM’s varsity basketball teams as the room went dark and a layer of fog draped the floor.  Student Ella Hoffman ‘25 conveyed, “It was almost like watching the beginning of an NBA game!”  Prior to the event, Student Council leaders, Elias Dutwin ’24 and Señor Capkin lent a helping hand in filming some awesome intros for the basketball teams.  Videos of the players pointing at the camera, tossing a ball, and dancing were projected onto large screens in the gym,  resembling the jumbotrons one would see in a large stadium.  After the players were introduced and the coaches delivered their speeches, the game was off!

The vibrant performances and basketball game made it not only a night filled with fun and classic school spirit, but also a time for the student body to honor the late principal Mr. Hughes.  Mr. Hughes was known for his attendance and strong enthusiasm at LM’s sporting events.  He was always easy to spot during league games, playoffs, and even just walking around Arnold Field cheering athletes on during practices.  His dedication to supporting student athletes made it only seem fitting that his legacy be showcased in the Kobe Gymnasium as the highly anticipated basketball season approaches.  His Dawg Pound shirt was hung directly above the student section before the game, cementing his presence of encouragement and support for LM’s student athletes.

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