Just toss it!

Lower Merion students have a huge problem with picking up their trash. Now, one of their peers is speaking up.

Students needs to act responsibly and pick up their trash | Graphic by Eliza Liebo ’25/Staff

Pick it up; walk a few steps; drop it in the can; walk away. That is the simple process of disposing of trash in the trash can. Unfortunately, many LM students have either forgotten how to do this, or are just too careless to take this simple step of human responsibility. Tables cluttered with trash are all too common a sight in the cafeteria, proving students’ disregard for the  custodial staff who work tirelessly in order to keep the school clean. 

One LM custodian remarked, “Treat here like you would your home. You wouldn’t leave trash on the table at home, so don’t do it here.” He also emphasized the importance of building good habits now in order to prepare for a future of self-sufficiency.

At home, students may throw their clothes on their bedroom floor, leave their shoes in the middle of the living room, or walk around shirtless. However, no one would consider doing such things in school, for it would simply be inappropriate and disrespectful. Likewise, leaving trash on tables or the floor is simply an unacceptable behavior in a school environment. It speaks to a person’s character when they decide to neglect the easy task of disposing of their used plates and empty juice bottles, and rather leave them on tables or on the floor.

The solution to this problem is simple. First and foremost, students must take the step to dispose of their own garbage. And, if you happen to notice that a friend has left behind their lunch tray, give them a nudge to throw it in the trash. If they are too obstinate to listen to you, or speed off before you can give them a hint, then be the bigger person and throw their garbage away for them. Finally, disciplinary measures ought to be put in place for those who neglect the basic responsibility of throwing away trash. If disrespecting  a teacher can be punished, then surely disrespecting the custodial staff by leaving trash on the floor can be punished as well. As a community, let us work together to restore proper behavior for the sake of our school, custodial staff, and basic human decency.

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