Hope Classic

A breakdown of the Hope Classic and what it entails.

Photo courtesy of Avery Bickell ’23

The Hope Classic is an annual basketball game held in the Kobe Bryant Gymnasium that raises money and awareness for the Angelman Syndrome Foundation & Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. The tradition was started at LM by math teacher and assistant basketball coach Kevin Grugan, whose daughter Hope lives with Angelman Syndrome, with the help of Haverford High School, where Grugan’s children attend school. This year, on January 26, the Aces beat Haverford with an astounding final score of 70 to 51. Before the game began, activities were available for younger kids, and t-shirts were being sold in the lower atrium; all profits were donated to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation. In addition to the t-shirt sale, student council members collected donations in the gymnasium before, during, and after the game. 

The team looks forward to the event every year as, according to Justin Mebane ’24, “The Hope Classic…represents something that’s bigger than basketball. The game presents an opportunity for us as a team to spread awareness for a notable cause. Also, given the personal connection we have as a team to the Grugan family, it makes it all the more special.” In regards to the actual game, facing off against Haverford again, especially

Photo courtesy of Avery Bickell ’23

during the classic, gave the Aces an increased incentive to beat them. Mebane states, “This one particularly was special because it provided us with an opportunity to redeem our prior performance against Haverford. Also, the stage of the Hope Classic provides the greatest motivation possible for a sound performance, and I think that was reflected in our play.”

Every year, the Hope Classic raises money and awareness for a cause important to the Aces family. This year the Aces pulled off an awesome win against Haverford and the Student Council did an excellent job of collecting donations. Altogether, the Classic impacted Grugan, stating, “We just completed our ninth Annual Hope Classic, and what continues to make an impression on me is the strong support the Angelman Syndrome community receives from Aces Nation. My family and many other Angelman families are blessed.”

Photo courtesy of Vivian Collins ’24/staff

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