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Places to ACE your finals

Here is an overview of some of the best places to study for finals around the area.

Now that the weather is getting warmer and the trees are getting greener, the end of school feels closer every day. But before summer begins students have one more challenge to face: Finals. Although final exams can seem daunting, it doesn’t have to be this way. Studying looks different for everyone, so the key is to discover what’s right for you, and part of that means learning what location you work best in. Here are some suggestions to help you find a study space that you can leave feeling confident for Finals.

Most people assume that the best place to study is somewhere quiet, but I prefer to work in an area with some background noise. If you work well in lively environments, cafés can make for great study spots. The Bala Cynwyd Starbucks has plenty of seating, some of which is almost always occupied by people working. I find that being surrounded by other people hard at work can make you feel inspired to work hard too. Another perk of studying in a Starbucks is that you can get some food and a coffee while you study, which will keep you energized and help your stamina. The Bala Cynwyd Starbucks is a particular favorite of mine because of the fireplace and large windows, but other cafés such as the Wynnewood Starbucks or Green Engine Coffee in Haverford could also be productive places to get work done.

Photo courtesy of Bala Cynwyd Library Facebook

If you are the type of person who needs a quiet space to focus, you may want to stray away from busy areas, but this doesn’t mean you have to stay in your house either. Most public libraries have silent study spaces, so you can get the benefit of a change in scenery without all of the noise. The Bala Cynwyd Library is a great choice. If you want to stay at home, try to move around within your house or room. For example, if you usually study in bed, sit at your desk or dining table. Sitting by a window is also helpful because natural light will help keep you awake and focused. If you like the idea of natural light, you could even take advantage of the spring weather by working outside.

Another way to up your study game is by taking advantage of your frees or study halls. If you are a sophomore, junior, or senior, you have the benefit of being able to work almost anywhere in the building. If you like a collaborative environment, consider studying in the library. The library is a great place to study with friends, but it can get noisy sometimes. If you can get there at the start of the period you may be able to secure a quieter spot in one of the single desks, but it’s not guaranteed that one will be available. If you work better in quiet spaces, the tables in the hallways of the second and third floors could be a better option.

Remember, it’s important to experiment with different options to see what’s most effective for you. Change factors within your location, like working with a group or listening to music. Also be sure to manage your time and don’t let your assignments pile up. A good way that I like to keep track of due dates is through Google Calendar. Whatever you do, just keep your eye on the finish line. You can do this!

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