Lasting legacies

On the first day of high school, jostled around by crowds of unfamiliar upperclassmen and lost in a maze of hallways, I never imagined that over the next four years I would find a home here. I never imagined that four years later it would seem crazy to leave this place behind as we begin the next chapter of our lives. 

The first day of freshman year is always scary. But, it did not stop there. Sophomore year we found ourselves in little boxes on screens, and junior year we were back in school almost as if we were freshmen again. Finally, senior year arrived and we felt a bit older. We survived a strange four years of high school as we battled Supreme Court rulings and pandemics, fought to protect Oakwell and social equity, survived a lesson in facing changes and challenges –a lesson which we carry with us as we turn around to face the future ahead. A lesson that teaches us not to be afraid to stand up for what we believe in and to not lose ourselves while learning to adapt to the changing world around us. 

I hope that these memorable years can accompany us no matter where our futures lead. I know I will always keep with me fond memories of our AP Latin class mascots (Martha and Marsha), The Merionite pick up line centerspreads (particularly “They should’ve played you over the speakers during music Fridays because you’re this week’s hottest single”), late night celebratory races around the second floor hallways at 10pm, choir class jokes like “what’s a pirate’s favorite letter?” (although I still can’t remember if the correct punchline is “r” or “i”), Amazing Ace karaoke and the more innovative creations such as the infamous medicinal coffee jello. 

As we each proceed on our journeys to find our own X (x) which “marks the spot,” let us remember our purpose, our “why”s (y), as we “go forth to serve.” Let us remember to remain curious and aspirational, grateful and genuine, and, of course, as through all of the sleep therapy sessions AP Latin has very graciously given me, remember to rest and to take a couple of “zzz”s (z) every now and then. Congratulations, Class of 2023, we have made it. I wish all of you the best in the memories you will make in the coming years, and in  the amazing adventures you will embark upon! 

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