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Pakistan’s secret war crime in Afghanistan

Fatih discusses the dispute between Afghanistan and Pakistan and debates over sovereignty and human rights between the two countries

On March 18, 2024, the Pakistani military launched airstrikes on Afghanistan, resulting in the tragic loss of at least eight civilian lives, including women and children. This attack is a clear violation of international human rights law and Afghanistan’s sovereignty. The Pakistani government’s justification of these operations as “intelligence-based anti-terrorist operations” does not justify the harm inflicted on innocent civilians. Furthermore, this incident is part of a long history of Pakistan’s military interference in Afghanistan, which has perpetuated instability and human rights abuses in the region. The Pakistani government’s support for extremist groups, including the Taliban, has contributed to the suffering of the Afghan people and hindered efforts to establish peace and stability. It is time for the international community to hold Pakistan accountable for its actions and prioritize the protection of human rights and international law. Afghanistan was a major supporter of Pakistan’s independence from India in 1947. Multiple terrorist operations from ISIS that were being controlled by the Pakistan government started in Afghanistan. The Pakistan government aided and abetted operations to replace the government with the terrorist group.  

With Pakistan’s help, ISIS divided Afghans, pitting them against one another in two main groups: Jamiat-e Islami, for Tajiks, and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e Islami for Pashtuns.

In June 1990, battles between Ahmad Shah Massoud’s Jamiat-e Islami and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e Islami in Logar and Parwan caused hundreds of casualties on each side. Pakistan supported both sides with weapons, tanks, and guns that led to the deaths of over one million innocent civilians. Families lost their homes, parents lost their children, children lost their arms and legs. Almost the whole capital of Afghanistan was operated with heavy weapons. People were moving from Kabul to the South and East of Afghanistan. The fighting continued and more and more civilians died. ISIS was getting closer and closer to the Palace of Afghanistan by sending spies. When Pakistan’s government finally managed to get into the Palace of Afghanistan, they assassinated Dr. Mohammad Najibullah on September 27, 1996 with Pakistan’s spies posing as the Taliban.

The Taliban became the new government of Afghanistan. Afghans lost hope of living, while the government robbed equipment to be sold to Pakistan. Day by day, the government of Afghanistan was sending tanks and fighter planes to Pakistan. Girls could not attend school, women could not go outside, and discrimination and racism were killing people. People fled to neighboring countries. It was a disaster for those who have lived there. 

Which nation was giving the Taliban’s weapons equipment to fight against the Afghanistan government? Who was the first nation to recognize the Taliban as Afghanistan’s government in 2022? Pakistan.

The people of Afghanistan deserve peace, freedom, and equal rights, including the right to education for girls and women. I strongly advocate for diplomatic efforts and peaceful solutions to address the region’s challenges. It is crucial that we work towards a future where all nations respect each other’s sovereignty and human rights.

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