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Pick the perfect present for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and brainstorming the perfect gift can be difficult. Here are some ideas to help.

As Mother’s Day approaches on May 12 this year, the pressure to find the right gift increases. Should it be homemade or store-bought? Should you buy it online or in store? Will they even like it? The stress of showing just how much your mom means to you through one item can seem so overwhelming that procrastination takes over, leaving you empty handed the night before. However, as hard as it is to believe, the perfect gift is out there. It just takes some prior planning and thought to obtain. Here are some unique Mother’s Day gift ideas that are sure to show her that you truly care.

Graphics by Tillie Szwartz ’25/Staff

From Halloween “boo baskets” to winter holiday “brrr baskets,” the trend of gifting baskets with fun items inside has taken over the internet. The main idea is that you gather things that are both on theme, and that you believe the person would love, and arrange them inside a box to look presentable. Although finding a theme for Mother’s Day is not as obvious as other decorative holidays, there are many ways to make this present fit the occasion. One idea is to use a theme that you know your mom will like. For example, if your mom is a film buff, the “Mom’s Movie Basket” is the perfect present. Fill a basket up with candy, popcorn holders, and pajamas to help your mom achieve the perfect night in. Another basket idea is the “Spa Day Surprise.” Fill up an aesthetic-looking basket with face masks, slippers, bath salts, and other similar items to give your mom the relaxing day she deserves. If these gifts don’t seem to fit your mom’s likings, no worries! You can always create your own personalized basket with all her favorite items. This thoughtful gift is sure to show your mom just how much you care about her.

Another fabulous gift idea that is easy to pair to your mom’s likings is a magazine subscription. Whether your mom is into fashion, sports, architecture, or other passions, there is definitely a magazine out there for her. Some of the magazines that offer yearly subscriptions include Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Time. The great thing about this present is that you can easily order it online, and choose either a digital or print subscription. This will not only show your mom that you pay attention to her interests, but will show up all throughout the year, creating an ongoing message of how thankful you are for her.

Is your mom always talking about a certain actress from her favorite show? Is she always listening to that one same singer in the car? Then the gift that she is sure to love is a “Cameo,” which is a personalized video from a celebrity of your choosing. The options range from actors, to athletes, to musicians, making it easy to find that one person that your mom obsesses over. There are also lots of different options if you’re looking to stay within a select budget, with most video messages fluctuating from $25 to $150. This unique and entertaining gift is sure to make your mom smile, and she’ll most likely be showing it to everyone she knows for years to come!

Lastly, for the people who love to make and give creative gifts, a video or paper montage is the perfect way to go.

An idea that takes some preparation is the “why we love you” video compilation. Send out an email to your mom’s loved ones asking them to film themselves talking about all the reasons they love her. Whether the answers they give are short and sweet, or long and heartfelt, the messages they share are sure to leave a lasting impact on your mom. Put all the videos together on iMovie and present the project on Mother’s Day to have a fun family viewing experience. If you want to go the paper route, you can ask your mom’s loved ones to respond to the email with written answers instead. Then, using paper and markers, you can create a flip book with their answers inside. To make it an even more special gift, ask the participants to also send over their favorite picture they have with or of your mom. You can then print out their images and paste them on the same page as their quote, creating a fun walk down memory lane for your mom.

These homemade presents will definitely make your mom feel loved and appreciated! Whether they are quirky, traditional, cheap, or expensive, the most important part of mother’s day is simply showing your mom that you love her.

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