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Cookies are just around the corner

It’s hard to select a cookie location when there are many awesome options in Lower Merion. Although similar, each store offers some different unique aspects the make them special and worthwhile.

Cookies are the ultimate comfort dessert. Taking a bite into a gooey, steaming cookie can alleviate stress and remind people of their childhood. Lower Merion has recently become an epicenter for thriving cookie shops, much to the likes of students that are yearning for an escape from homework assignments and tests.

Graphics by Angelina Lu ’26/Staff

Hope’s Cookies is a family owned and operated ice cream shop located in Bryn Mawr. For over 20 years, Hope’s has provided loyal patrons with freshly baked cookies and delicious Hershey’s Ice Cream. The mom-and-pop shop sells cookies by the pound or, alternatively, in gift boxes for special occasions. The most popular cookie flavors include chocolate chip, Heath Bar Crunch, sugar, and M&M Delight. In addition to the scrumptious cookies and ice cream, Hope’s store is full of a warm ambiance, noticeable upon entry; the aroma of the freshly baked cookies is unmatched, the walls are covered top to bottom in their colorful Hope’s Cookies themed decorations, and customers are sure to be enthusiastically greeted by a benevolent employee. Conveniently, neighboring pizza shop Snap Pizza is situated in the same building, which makes for an all-in-one dinner and dessert outing. Depending on the day, customers may be fortunate to spot Philadelphia Eagles star Brandon Graham ordering from Hope’s; Graham recently became an ambassador for the cookie shop. Another aspect of Hope’s that increases its accessibility is its online ordering feature, which is available nationwide. With a warehouse in King of Prussia, Hopes can ship orders around the country, which could be perfect gifts for clients or employees. This allows for Hope’s to have all the characteristics of a big company while at the same time maintaining the quaint shop atmosphere that has created its current, loyal clientele.

On any given weekend, Hope’s is guaranteed to be flooded by a flock of LM students waiting in line or even working at the shop themselves. Quan Feldman ’24, an employee at Hope’s, emphasizes, “Hope’s environment is special and the people I work with and serve are all nice.” Josh Huh ’24, another Hope’s employee, shares, “It has been amazing working there thus far and I love serving LM students.” It’s not just employees that find the shop to be one of a kind. Lila Finch ’24 relays, “Hope’s is, hands down, the best cookie shop in the area. My friends and I visit almost every weekend and always run into other LM students which makes the trip even more enjoyable.” Hope’s has had an immense impact on the LM community; providing jobs to the student population and arguably the best desserts on the main line to the local community.

Another popular cookie spot in the township is Insomnia Cookies. Insomnia recently opened in Ardmore in the former location of 1-900 Ice Cream. Insomnia also sells cookies and ice cream; its most popular cookie flavors include Classic Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, and Confetti Deluxe. Similar to Hope’s, Insomnia ships their cookies nationwide and offers free shipping. Insomnia also has been glamorized because of its lengthy hours; Insomnia is open until 3 a.m. on weekends, so customers craving a cookie can stop by during the waning hours of the night. So far, Insomnia has received lots of positive feedback from LM students. Sara Frankel ’24 says, “I stopped by late at night and was still able to receive fresh cookies. I’ll definitely be returning.” Insomnia is sure to become one of the top go-tos for LM students in the coming years.

The third local option for LM students craving cookies is Crumbl Cookies. Crumbl sells premium cookies with a weekly menu containing six new cookie flavors. Crumbl serves its cookies in its renowned bright pink box, a staple of the deluxe cookie experience. Although the cookies tend to be more expensive than Hope’s and Insomnia, Crumbl provides a unique take on an otherwise simple flavors. Much like Hope’s, Crumbl also has a Philadelphia sports star acting as an ambassador for the store, Tobias Harris. LM students have taken full advantage of the new cookie phenomenon that is now just minutes away from LM. Lily Padersky ’24 notes, “Crumbl provides a different type of cookie than anywhere else I have tried. When I worked there, I found it to be especially entertaining because I got to taste and create new flavors.” Crumbl has had great success since opening its store near LM.

Hope’s, Insomnia, and Crumbl are all able to coexist harmoniously and provide LM students with delicious cookies. The LM community is lucky to be gifted with multiple exceptional cookie shops that are right around the corner from our school.

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