The Northern Lights

Sinister and sorrowful. Rage and rapture. The Northern Lights have it all.

The Northern Lights. | Graphic by Cate Roser ’21/Staff

Life can be like the Northern Lights:                        

Desolate and sweet, 

Yet quiet and insightful.

It encourages people to resist defeat,

To attack their dream at a new angle

Even if their sanity may dangle. 

It may nudge people to express themselves through isolation,

Fighting their internal pains by illustrating their true colors,

While their inner beauty fights through the hesitation,

Allowing happiness to emerge without the aid of a lover.


Life can be a pretty green,

Or an extravagant purple,

Taking the life of those who were seen, 

Forcing one to jump yet another hurdle.

It can take one’s breath away

Or persuade another to put away the ash tray. 

Life can be dark,

Forcing humans to hide their heart, 

For anxiety brings out the insecurity,

And a person is left with feelings of immaturity;

Hiding their true selves from others

Because they wish to please their father and mother.

Even the Northern lights have their dark moments

Where judgment pushes them out

And they lose all of their potency,

Leading to panic and shouts.

But eventually they will return,

Emerging from this endless burn, 

And people will finally understand 

That pain and suffering does come to an end.

Life can be surprising too

When people finally comprehend what they can  do. 

Ascending towards their honest destiny,

Shocked at their newly discovered abilities;

Building self-respect,

Wondering what will come next,

Thinking about their future,

Begging for something better than a job at hooters.

There is only one thing you should know, 

However life may go, 

If you wish to live a life without freight 

Or worrying about what is out of sight,

All you have to do 

Is embrace the Northern Lights.

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